Final Fantasy XV Mini Games Guide – Justice Monsters Five, Totomostro, Location, Tips, Rewards

Final Fantasy XV Mini Games Guide to help you find and play Totomostro and Justice Monsters Five which offer a ton of rewards and a respite from monster slaying.

There are two mini games that you can play in Final Fantasy XV – Justice Monsters Five and Totomostro.

Totomostro sees you place bets on the outcome of a fight between monsters and Justice Monsters Five is sort of pinball with a few twists. Both games let players earn different types of rewards.

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Final Fantasy XV Mini Games Guide

In our Final Fantasy XV Mini Games Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about playing and winning the mini games in FFXV.

Final Fantasy XV Totomostro

The mini game basically revolves around betting on the result of a battle between two monsters.

If you win your placed bet, you get medals which are used to buy new gear. In the section, I have detailed everything about FFXV Totomostro.

Where to Find

To play Totomostro, you need to reach Altissia during the ninth chapter. From the area, take the purple gondola to reach Arena Galviano where the fights take place.

Once the Arena Galviano is unlocked, you should be able to return to it anytime you want.

How to Start

After you reach the arena, you must buy starter medals which are quite cheap. Once done, simply start placing bets and win to earn more medals. The section of the guides details some of the medals you can get by playing FFXV Totomostro.

  • Llymlaen – 85,000
  • Enforcer – 180,000
  • Dig Bang – 450,000
  • Silver Bangle – 34,000
  • Turbocharger – 15,000
  • Coeurl Whiskers – 7,500
  • Arapaima Roe – 240,000
  • Great Garula Tusk – 2,500
  • Precision Lance – 120,000
  • Big Master Typhon – 45,000
  • Diamond Bracelet – 1,250,000
  • Magitek Generator – 3,600,000
  • Mythic Color Samples – 360,000

How to Win

It goes without saying that luck plays a huge role when it comes to Totomostro, but to say that the mini game is entirely based on luck is wrong.

For example, some items i.e. different horns allow you to give your preferred monster in a battle a small advantage.

Horns in FFXV Totomostro are purchasable from a vendor located near the purple Gondola Station. The section details some of the horns you can get from the vendor and their effects.

Horn of Resolve
The Horn of Resolve costs 30,000 Gil and boosts your preferred monster’s attacks.

Horn of Tenacity
The Horn of Tenacity costs 24,000 Gil and boosts your preferred monster’s defense.

Horn of Cleansing
The Horn of Cleansing costs 8,000 Gil and cures your preferred monster of all status ailments.

Horn of Madness
The Horn of Madness costs 18,000 Gil and boosts your preferred monster’s HP at the cost of its defense.

Moreover, the betting screen shows you a variety of information related to monsters i.e. level, condition, and more. It is important that you pay attention to the conditions in order to increase your chances of winning.

Final Fantasy XV Justice Monsters Five

This FFXV mini game is like pinball in which you need to defeat enemies and bosses. By doing so, you earn a lot of different prizes. Moreover, you can also increase your chances of winning more prizes by hitting the golden rectangles.

Where to Find

You can easily find FFXV Justice Monster Five machines all across Crows Nest Diners and right next to the café in Altissia. Alternatively, you can download the standalone version both from iOS App Store and Google Play.

It is important to remember that the JMF machine in Altissia costs 10,000 Gil per game and offers much better rewards.

Justice Monsters Five Rewards

When it comes to rewards, hitting more golden rectangles provides you with better rewards. The section of the guide details all the rewards that you can earn by playing Justice Monsters Five.

10 Gil per Game Rewards

  • 2 Treasure Chests – Potion
  • 5 Treasure Chests – Hi-Potion
  • 10 Treasure Chests – Elixir
  • 15 Treasure Chests – Hi-Elixir
  • 20 Treasure Chests – Garnet Bracelet
  • 25 Treasure Chests – Carbon Bangle
  • 30 Treasure Chests – Amethyst Bracelet
  • 35 Treasure Chests – Titanium Bangle
  • 40 Treasure Chests – Mega Phoenix
  • 45 Treasure Chests – Sapphire Bracelet
  • 50 Treasure Chests – Gold Bangle
  • 60 Treasure Chests – Oracle Earring
  • 70 Treasure Chests – Ruby Bracelet
  • 80 Treasure Chests – Platinum Bangle
  • 90 Treasure Chests – Emerald Bracelet
  • 99 Treasure Chests – Celestriad

10,000 Gil per Game Rewards

  • 5 Treasure Chests – Hi-Potion
  • 10 Treasure Chests – Mega Phoenix
  • 15 Treasure Chests – Ruby Bracelet
  • 20 Treasure Chests – Platinum Bangle
  • 25 Treasure Chests – Emerald Bracelet
  • 30 Treasure Chests – Centurion Bangle
  • 35 Treasure Chests – Mystic Circlet
  • 40 Treasure Chests – Moogle Charm
  • 45 Treasure Chests – Legatus Bangle
  • 50 Treasure Chests – Blue Diamond Bracelet
  • 60 Treasure Chests – Gigas Bangle
  • 70 Treasure Chests – Assist Suit
  • 80 Treasure Chests – Dark Matter Bracelet
  • 90 Treasure Chests – Onion Bangle
  • 99 Treasure Chests – Wind-up Lord Vexxos

This is all we have on our Final Fantasy XV Mini Games Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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