Final Fantasy XV Dynamo Locations Guide – A Better Bioblaster, Get the Bioblaster

Final Fantasy XV Dynamo Locations Guide to help you find this rare treasure to complete A Better Bioblaster side quest and get the Bioblaster weapon.

A Dynamo is a treasure item in Final Fantasy XV which can be extremely rare even though it has a very low sell price. If players ever come across it, it is best to keep it stored in inventory instead of selling it for the low amount of Gil it yields.

The Dynamo is needed for A Better Bioblaster quest given by Cid in order to upgrade the Bioblaster. After the upgrade, the Bioblaster can become a pretty formidable weapon in the hands of both Noctis and Prompto.

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Final Fantasy XV Dynamo Locations Guide

In our Final Fantasy XV Dynamo Locations Guide, we have detailed the location where you can easily find Dynamo to complete A Better Bioblaster side quest.

Where to Find Dynamo in Final Fantasy XV

The first Dynamo is located really late in the game, during Chapter 13 in fact when players are about to end the game. Players can find the Dynamo inside the giant warehouse in A King’s Struggle quest while they are trying to activate the central elevator.

The Dynamo is located at the lower level of the warehouse. While moving north, players will see some canister racks in the dark which lead to a staircase. After climbing the staircase, players will find the Dynamo.

The second Dynamo appears even later in the game during Cure for Insomnia quest while players are roaming the streets of Insomnia looking for Citadel entrance.

The Dynamo is located inside a transport vehicle to the south of the map, at the end of one of the broad streets. Players should be careful here as a level 41 enemy guards this Dynamo.

Once players have acquired a Dynamo, they need to return back to Cid at Hammerhead Outpost and turn in the quest for the Bioblaster upgrade. While Noctis can use the Bioblaster, it is best to give it to Prompto since Noctis has better weapons by the time Bioblaster upgrade is available, especially in the form of his Armiger weapons.

This is all we have on our Final Fantasy XV Dynamo Locations Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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