Final Fantasy XV Metal Scraps Locations Guide – Upgrade Drain Lance, Better Drain Lance Quest

Another item needed to upgrade the Drain Lance for Noctis in Final Fantasy XV is a Metal Scrap. Similar to other treasure items, Metal Scraps can fetch a bit of money but it isn’t wise to sell them, at least not until players have done the Better Drain Lance quest to upgrade their weapon.

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Final Fantasy XV Metal Scraps Locations

The easiest way and the earliest where players can find a Metal Scrap is Galdin Quay, a resort which players will visit very early on in the game during Chapter 1. After travelling to Galdin Quay, players need to proceed to the restaurant/resort at the end of the pier and walk towards the circular bar in the middle.

The bar should be easy to locate as it also has a female chef in red colored outfit behind the counter. Once at the bar, players need to turn right and they will see glimmer on the ground next to a potted plant. Upon picking up the item, players will have picked up a Metal Scrap which will appear in the Treasure tab of their inventory.

After starting Chapter 2, players can go to Cid at Hammerhead Outpost and give him the scrap as a requirement for the quest. Cid will upgrade the Drain Lance to Drain Lance II as well as granting 500 EXP for completing the quest.

Since Metal Scrap and similar treasures needed for weapon upgrades don’t really sell well, it is best to hold on to them until players have completed the quests which require those items.


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