Rumors Spread That Updated Version of Final Fantasy 9 Will Come to the Vita

Rumors have continued to spread that a Final Fantasy 9 remake is in the works for Playstation Vita. But is it true? Who knows? We've got no idea so far.

Hot on the heels of more and more Final Fantasy news, rumors have now started up that a remastered version of Final Fantasy 9 might soon be coming to the Playstation Vita. The game, which took something of an art-shift from other Final Fantasy games, revolved around the game’s protagonists attempting to stop a mad queen from destroying the world.

The rumor came from the work portfolio of a employee of Silicon Studios in Thailand, who posted work on the remastering on his profile. However, the game’s possible publisher hasn’t commented on whether there’s any truth to the rumor or not.

Final Fantasy 9 had been a game for the original Playstation. In it, players took control of a thief named Zidane in the middle of a war between the nations of Gaia. The game’s main villain (at first) was Queen Brahne of Alexandria, who was responsible for starting the war. Among the party members includes the Queen’s daughter, Garnet.

Among various other Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy 9 was one of the games that came onto the Playstation Vita, and the Playstation TV console that came out several years ago. In the years that followed the game also was ported over to iOS and Android, along with a PC port that released back in April.

Along with Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2, and Final Fantasy 12, an updated version of Final Fantasy 9 would be the four of the remastered Final Fantasy games that would be coming out within somewhat close proximity to the other.

All of these coupled together could likely give Square Enix quite the financial success, especially considering the records that Final Fantasy 15 is already setting just with its pre-orders.

Either way we’ll likely have to wait for an announcement from Square Enix before they announce a remake of Final Fantasy 9, maybe through a trailer like how they announced the Final Fantasy 12 remake.

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