Final Fantasy 7 Remake Type-0 Bahamut Boss Guide

Type-0 Secret Behemoth is an optional boss at the start of Chapter 14 encountered in the Slums Area – Sector 6. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Type-0 Bahamut Boss will most probably be the toughest challenge for you in the game so far.

Our FF7 Type 0 Bahamut boss guide will put this encounter to you as simply as possible to make it easier for you to get through.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Type-0 Bahamut Boss

You will encounter Type-0 Bahamut during the Subterranean Menace side quest of FF7 Remake.

In Evergreen Park in the Sector 6 – Slums Area, you will encounter a man named Wymer who will give you a side quest; Subterranean Menace. Basically, he’ll ask you to drive off the behemoth from Shinra’s Underground Test Site.

At the objective marker, you’ll find the huge behemoth behind a partially closed taped gate. Heading inside will trigger the boss battle.

Type-0 Bahamut Boss Battle
Type-0 Bahamut is basically an upgraded version of Bahamut and has 4 parts to its body namely; Upper Body, Lower Body, Horn and the Type-0 Bahamut itself.

The behemoth is immune to magic spells and attacks. Only physical attacks work against this beast.

If you do attempt to use magic against it, it won’t get affected but will retaliate in aggression. You’ll only be able to use magic after you have broken its horns. But still, physical damage will work far better.

To beat this behemoth, you have to cripple and knock down its upper and lower body to stagger it then inflict damage to its behemoth part to deplete it’s health so that it is killed.

Use Cloud, Tifa and Barret in alternation and lock them to engage the Upper and Lower body while you command one character to continuously attack.

The Type-0 Bahamut does not have a lot of variety in attack. It does a smash attack; pounding you with its paws, or it melees the payers close by with its paw to throw them away and finally it whips its tail to cause a lot of damage.

Attack its upper and lower body to cripple it and make it fall to the ground. When it does fall down, you’ll be able to rain attacks on it. It’s horns will also be approachable when it’s on the ground.

If you cripple both upper and lower body at the same time, it’ll get staggered which is your opportunity to attack its main health area; Type-0 Bahamut one.

Use the highest damage attacks on its belly till it restores itself. It’ll probably take two staggers to finish it off but you can do it in a single stagger if you’re up to the mark.

Just before it’s about to die, it’ll wail and rain meteors on the arena. Dodge them by jumping and rolling and end the beast for good.

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