Final Fantasy 7 Remake Bahamut Boss Guide

Bahamut is back, and stronger than ever in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Having no weaknesses, and a formidable set of skills, you might find yourself trying again and again with little to no success. We have compiled this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Bahamut Boss guide regarding Bahamut’s moveset so you can better tackle the fight and change your characters accordingly.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Bahamut Boss

With no weaknesses to exploit, Bahamut becomes a challenging boss to deal with in FF7 Remake.

Greater Resistances

  • Fixed Damage
  • Proportional Damage


  • Poison
  • Silence
  • Sleep
  • Slow
  • Stop
  • Berserk

Grab Attack
Stay too close and Bahamut might grab you, and proceed to headbutt you dealing a lot of damage. Make sure to dodge whenever he goes low and attempts to move forward with his claw in front.

If unable to dodge, simply switch to another character and deal damage until the grabbed character gets free.


Energy Slam
Charging up a purple ball of energy into its hand, the Bahamut will reach out and slam you down, resulting in an explosion. Dodge back to avoid taking any damage.

Tornado Charge
Bahamut will spin and charge towards you, knocking back anyone in its path.

Purple Energy Burst
A little bit into the fight, Bahamut will summon purple energy around him, and anyone close will get pushed back dealing a significant amount of damage.

As soon as you see Bahamut charging up, back off. Throughout this phase, he will be channeling purple energy.

Red Energy Burst
After bringing Bahamuth’s health down by a quarter, he will channel red energy in a similar way he did with the purple energy. Back off, to avoid taking any damage.

Keep your Distance
Stay away from Bahamut as far as you can. Specifically. when he’s channeling the aura around him, it will result in you taking a ton of damage simply by being in the area of effect.

Avoid Stepping into the Aura
Stepping into the range of the Aura will result in you taking a lot of damage. Try to engage him from a range whilst having one of the characters tank out the incoming damage for you.

Deplete the Auras
Once the Bahamut isn’t channeling either the purple or red aura, and is in its normal state, start dealing as much damage as you can with Cloud and Tifa, simply switch to ranged abilities during his purple and red phases.

The Bahamut boss fight is definitely one of the harder fights of FF7 Remake, but with enough practice and repetitions, you should be able to get the hang of it easily.

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