Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tonberry Boss Guide

This Final Fantasy VII Remake walkthrough will cover the fight against the Tonberry. These enemies are something that veterans of this franchise will remember but to explain the encounter against them in FF7 Remake, we made this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tonberry Boss Guide.

Final Fantasy veterans may recall how much of a challenge they posed in the original FF7, just like the Malboro, and have continued to be problematic throughout the various FF titles.

The Tonberry proves to be no less troublesome in the Final Fantasy VII Remake so we’ve prepared this handy guide that explains what moves to watch out for and the best strategy to defeat Tonberry.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tonberry Boss

You can encounter the Tonberry during two separate occasions. The first is during Chapter 14’s Malicious Goons side quest. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret will be in your party and you should use the former two to engage the creature in close combat while Barret provides ranged support.

Using regular attacks won’t help you since the Tonberry has a bunch of health. You need to mix your attacks and abilities in order to stagger it.

The Tonberry can one-hit kill you with the Chef’s Knife attack so dodge that at all costs. Usually, his moves are telegraphed by an icon for him about so if you see it; get out of the way.

The one-hit kill moves aren’t easy to evade so be ready to revive any dead party members while Barret provides cover fire from a distance.

Keep mixing attacks like Cloud’s Triple Slash and Tifa’s Starshower and you will eventually drain its health down to zero.

The second encounter only happens when playing in Hard mode. You will come across the creature during the second round of the Combat Simulator’s Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend.

You will have no items during this mode so you should go in to the battle with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.

You will need Aerith’s skills to revive your team so give her the Revival Materia and have her provide support from the outside while you and Tifa attack the Tonberry with Cloud or Tifa up close.

Pretty much repeat the same strategy from earlier and revive the characters that die in the process. You will eventually win against Tonberry boss in FF7 Remake.