Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rude Boss Guide

This walkthrough will go over the boss fight against Rude in the Final Fantasy VII remake. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rude Boss happens during Chapter 8 Budding Bodyguard.

This guide will go over Rude’s abilities that you must watch out for, as well as the best strategy to defeat him.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Rude Boss

During chapter 8 of FF7 Remake, Rude will challenge Cloud to test exactly how strong he is since Cloud was able to defeat Reno earlier.

Rude has the following abilities in his arsenal that you need to watch out for during the FF7 Remake boss fight

  • Haymaker (Magical)
  • Hammerblow (Physical)
  • Running Tackle (Physical)
  • Spinning Axe Kick (Magical),
  • Sweet Dreams (Magical: Sleep)

Rude Weaknesses and Resitances

  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Proportional Damage

First thing’s first; keep your Wind materia equipped for this fight. Rude’s attacks do a lot of damage and pretty difficult to block so you’ll spend the majority of the fight trying to dodge sideways.

Stay mobile to avoid his powerful Haymaker attack or else you’ll lose a good portion of your health. If Cloud gets hit by the Running Tackle, he will be left vulnerable to being hit by the suplex.

Rude will not focus his attention on Aerith so be sure to use her magic to deal some damage. Wind magic, in particular, is the boss’s weakness so try to lead with that.

Combine her magic with Cloud’s melee to bring his health down to the point that the second phase of the fight starts.

The boss will now send a Shockwave through the ground that you must dodge before continuing your attack. Spirit Geyser will also from explosions below you so watch out for that too.

Keep repeating this strategy of dodging and hitting with magic/melee attacks then you will eventually defeat Rude in FF7 Remake.