Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reno Boss Guide

In Chapter 8 of FF7 Remake, Budding Bodyguard, you will encounter your sixth boss, Reno, during the Second Chance Meeting mission. In this guide, we will show you how to defeat Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reno Boss with ease.

You are going to encounter Reno in Sector 5 Slums where you and Reno are going to have interaction before it is going to trigger a fight between the both of you.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reno Boss

Fast and extremely agile, Reno leaps in to attack with his special Shinra-made security baton. Magic and Lightning attacks have only a slight effect on Reno’s stagger gauge in FF7 Remake.

Greater Resistances: Lightning, Proportional Damage
Immunities: Silence, Slow, Berserk
Abilities: Beatdown, Rushdown, Shock Swipe, Bright Spark, EM Flail, EM Shot, EM Charge, Counterattack.

When the Reno boss fight begins, there are going to be three security officers in front of Reno. You will have to take care of these before you fight with Reno.

You can use Iron Blade’s Triple Slash ability to handle this situation better. More are going to enter later as you defeat them. Now that you have taken care of them, your focus will be Reno.

You are going to be facing Reno in what is going to be like a sword fight. You need to be very vigilant and quick when fighting him. His movements are very flashy so you need to defend yourself. He moves towards and away from you at lightning speed.

You can use the Fire spell on Reno when he comes in front of you and before he can recover, dash towards him quickly and pull on some attacks on him.

Reno has resistance to Lightning and Proportional Damage which means that using the Punisher Mode will decrease his health faster by giving more damage to him.

Block his electro baton attack otherwise it’ll stun you and then strike at him before he uses any other attack on you. Use Hi-Cloud as well as the Braver ability along with the Spells.

The EM Mines that Reno starts to drop will levitate and create an electrical bond between them. You can throw your grenade towards Reno and try to avoid getting in between the Mines.

The Electricity does you a good amount of damage and the Mines will keep following you while you also have to defend yourself from Reno’s sword attacks.

You can either take out each orb while they are not passing electricity to each other or just avoid them and focus on attacking Reno.

Although, since attacking Reno while the Mines are floating and active can be a bit of a distraction and dangerous too. Don’t try to destroy them when they are passing electricity as it will give you a shock.

In the midst of all this, Reno will continue using his Shock Swipe attack to come close and attack you.

When you see that Reno’s health has reached its minimum, you can end it by using the fire ability and take him down. Once you defeat Reno in FF7 Remake, you are going to obtain 600 EXP and 10 AP along with 600 gil and a bottle of Ether.