Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hidden Materia Locations Guide

Paying attention to your surroundings is worth it, every once in a while, you might find an item to assist you in your journey in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In an unsuspected nook or cranny of the area, you might find something useful like a hidden Materia. In this guide, we will give you all the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hidden Materia Locations.

We will be covering all these hidden materia locations so you don’t miss them while playing through the various Chapters of FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hidden Materia Locations

You can find a few tucked-away Materia in the Mako Reactor during Chapter 4: Plate Interior, along with one in Chapter 8’s Church. To understand what Materia actually is and how to level it up effectively, check out our guide for farming AP to get a better understanding of the entire system.

Hidden Blue Materia (Elemental Materia)

Initially, when you spot this Materia, the bridge will fall apart. At this point, you are going to want to make your way around to this level.

Simply continue through the Chapter normally and you will see a platform that can be moved using the console. Use it to complete the pathway, and go ahead and grab your blue elemental Materia.

Hidden Purple Materia (MP Up Materia)

In the same area, where you used the Vertical Platform. Lower it down until you can see the glowing purple Materia. Simply leave the controls and go ahead and pick your reward up.

Hidden Red Materia (Chocobo and Moogle Summon Materia)

The Chocobo Materia is resting behind a ventilation fan. In order to get to it, you are going to have to continue with the mission.

After the blue and purple materia you pick up, there will be a moving platform that will lead to the main path, instead go past it and use the other platform to your right.

You will find yourself in the room where you can find controls for the ventilation fan. Deactivate the fan, and in 1 minute, make haste to the next Materia; defeat the enemies as quickly as possible.

The fan will then turn off and you will be able to grab the Chocobo and Moogle Summon Materia.

Hidden Church Materia (Chakra Materia)

The Chakra Materia can be found during the exploration of the Church in Sector 5 during Chapter 8. Right after you discover “Collapse Passageway”, you will be able to find the Chakra Materia close by.

Luck Up Materia

Simply become the best dart player (Number one in the leaderboard), and Wedge will reward you with the Luck Up Materia (In Chapter 4). Become the champion prior to the event, and you should have yourself a Luck Up!

That’s all we could find during our playthrough of the game, the guide will be updated with any new Materia found in the game.

Green Binding Materia

The Binding Materia is obtained during Chapter 9 when you control the robot arm during a quest. Aerith will pick up the Materia for you from near the green container.

Blue Magnify Materia

The Blue Magnify Materia is also obtained during chapter 9 in the same way you get the Binding Materia. When you control two robot arms during the chapter, put down a container near the blue Materia and put Aerith on it and she will pick it up for you.

Blue Warding Materia

You will find this Materia during chapter 10 in Sector 7 Sewers. In the sewers, take the path alternate to the main quest line to obtain the Warding Materia.

AP UP Materia

This Materia is obtained in Chapter 14. The Pedometer Materia will transform into AP Up Materia after you take 5,000 steps with it equipped in your inventory. In Chapter 14, the Pedometer Materia may be discovered to the right of Aerith’s house.

Second Elemental Materia

This Materia is also found in Chapter 14. In order to obtain it, complete all Odd Jobs in Chapter 14. Then, travel to the area’s southernmost point, near the wall to get the Materia.

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