Final Fantasy 7 Remake Failed Experiment Boss Guide

This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Failed Experiment Boss guide will help you against the deformed boss and his minions in Chapter 13 – A Broken World during the mission “Finding Wedge.” We’ll provide tips, strategies and recommend equipment and Materia to best take it on.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Failed Experiment Boss

The Failed Experiment boss in FF7 Remake is an experimental specimen kept in Shinra’s underground research facility.

The creature was formed as a result of a cellular transplant from various creatures but turned out a failed experiment.

The boss is weak to Ice. Failed Experiment has resistance against Sleep and is Immune to Poison, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Fixed Damage, Proportional Damage.

So, equipping Ice Materia and the Shiva Summon Materia is recommended to help fill its stagger gauge. Also, link Ice Materia to Barret and Tifa to help poke at its weakness more.

Failed Experiment drops Mythril Claws and Poison Materia is present as a Stealable Item. To get your hands on that poison Materia, you’d need to equip the steal Materia.

Failed Experiment Boss Fight Strategy
The Failed Experiment boss fight in FF7 Remake is not very complicated, given that you have the correct Materia equipped for the fight.

The boss summons many Unknown Entities beside him. It’s best to use damaging group attacks to deal with them as they may overpower Tifa.

Use hard hitting abilities such as Maximum Fury to deal damage and if your abilities are charging, use Barret to damage the Appendages.

Keep in mind that ranged battle is your best bet as the Livewire ability of the Failed Experiment deals lots of electrical damage to everyone in melee range. It also knocks you back and allows follow up attacks.

Failed Experiment likes to jump around the arena, so you need to make sure you time your heavy attacks such that they actually hit it. Do not miss.

As it jumps, Failed Experiment throws around pools of poison around. You need to keep an eye out for these as you move around yourself and use chakra to avoid them.

Your main focus should be to use Shiva’s Summon abilities once she arrives. Use protective spells until then and once she arrives, use your own ATB charges on healing Shiva’s Summon.

Keep the barrage on the Failed Experiment until it’s chest open. Then focus your strongest abilities on the exposed chest and this will bring the fight to a conclusion.

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