Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skills Locations Guide

One of the Final Fantasy series classics is the Enemy skills and Enemy skills materia, which is now in Final Fantasy VII: Remake. It basically means that players can have enemy skills, they can learn those skills and combat abilities. In this guide, we will give you all the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skills Locations to acquire.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Enemy Skills Locations

To be able to utilize enemy skills, you first need to acquire these skills before you can use them in combat. To do all that, the most important thing you will need is the enemy skills materia in FF7 Remake.


So the enemy skill materia is what you need to get first, it is the command category materia and it will allow you to cast the magic that you have learned from enemies.

You will be able to buy the materia from Chadley when you are done with Battle intel report #16 and this will be in chapter 13.

So in order to buy, go to the materia shop that is run by Chadley in the sector 5 slums and just buy it. Now make a few things sure before you have the enemy skills.

You must have equipped enemy skill materia and make sure that the character you have has equipped it specifically. Now what this will do is, when an enemy hits you with any of his skills, you will be able to unlock it for like forever and it will be sown in your command menu.

Do keep in mind, that all the enemy skills are not yet learnable through enemy skill materia, and there will be added more throughout the time.

Below are all the enemy skills location you can acquire with this materia in FF7 Remake.

Algid Aura
This is the skill that you will be able to learn from Cerulean Drake, and it will be a great move on any enemy with ice weakness.

  • You will encounter this skill in Sector 7 slums in chapter 3.
  • Then in Train graveyard in Chapter 11.
  • Also in the “Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback” battle challenge.

This ability will be used by Varghidpolis and you will be able to learn it. It will simply deal a huge amount of damage in a particular circular radius and killing the user as well in the process.

  • From Varghidpolis you will be getting this move in sector 6 or 7 slums in chapter 14.
  • Trypapolis will also use this on you in Sector 6 slums in chapter 14 and in “Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag”.
  • Bomb will use this self-destructing technique in Shinra VR simulator combat in chapter 16 and 17, and also in “Two-Person Team vs. Team Payback” challenge.
  • Smogger will also use this skill against you in Sector 5 sulums, undercity area.

Spirit Siphon
This one is the ability that will drain the HP of surrounding enemies for you but it costs 2 ATB. Phantom will use this ability on you in Sector 5 slums in chapter 14 and in Shinra tower VR combat as well.

Bad Breath
This enemy skill is to inflict poison and sleep and silence in the area and it also costs 2 ATB.

This bad breath will be used by Malboro against you in the “Three-Person Team vs. Monster of Legend” mission which will be in the Shinra VR combat in chapter 17