Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 11: Haunted Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 11: Haunted is a unique chapter where you come across many obstacles and you must...

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 11: Haunted is a unique chapter where you come across many obstacles and you must find a way out of the situation you’re currently in when surrounded by Ghosts and other creatures.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 11: Haunted

Chapter 11 of FF7 Remake starts off at the Train Graveyard with Cloud accompanied by Tifa and Aerith. Head straight near the Energy Drink Potion area and find few boxes to break. Breaking the boxes rewards you with a bottle of echo mist and a Moogle medal.

Head up the wrecked train on your right. Once you’re up, Tifa and Aerith start a conversation telling you about where Sector 7 is located from the Graveyard.

Follow them down and Tifa starts explaining the backstory of the Graveyard.

Enter the train on your right and make your way out from the other door, there you’ll come across a few wererats.

Take them out and move straight into another train and making your way out from the other side to enter a new path surrounded by containers.

Behind the containers, you’ll obtain a Mythril rod. Return to the previous path you came from and break the boxes ahead to obtain a hi-potion.

Right from where you obtained the hi-potion, head up the staircase and go down to a new area with a door ahead.

Once you’re near the door, it closes by its self and few Cripshay start to attack you and company. Kill them and destroy the boxes outside to obtain a hi-potion, a recover MP with a mako shard.

Head inside the door, duck down to move forward towards boxes. Break them and get two hi-potions.

Now, head inside the train engine near the fire and make your way out towards the train tracks. This is where it gets creepy as the train tracks will be drawn.

Few wererats will enter the scene so kill them and go through the train on your right toward an area where it’s written Wrong Way. There you’ll obtain 1 gil.

Return to the area with the drawings and follow your allies as they’ll lead you to few more Cripshay to fight. Don’t forget to break the boxes on the right to obtain a1 tuft of phoenix down.

In this area there’ s a staircase going up. Head up with the company and start moving forward on top of the containers until one of them breaks and you’ll drop down inside it.

It’s opened from one side showing the ghostly drawing on the wall ahead. Follow your allies and reach an area with the drawing on the entrance. There you’ll break few boxes to obtain three hi-potions.

Enter through the gate and you’ll receive an objective to Pass through the Maintenance Facility. In this area you’ll find a lot of ghosts to fight. You make sure you have max health.

Once you’ve taken care of the Ghosts and the cutscenes are over, head inside the door situated on the right side of the area’s entrance.

Make your way through the other side and head up the staircase ahead. There you’ll find few more drawings on the floor and a Shadow is seen going through the Control Room.

Drop down from the staircase from the other side to encounter Lesser Drake. Kill it and you’ll obtain a gothic bangle near it.

Head up the staircase and enter the door on its right to find more Ghosts in it. Finish them all and head out from the door ahead.

Enter the door with the light above it right to the interaction Pod and find more Ghosts inside.

Just keep going through doors till you reach the Pod and you’ll obtain two mega potions. Another Pod is found downstairs with three bottles of echo mist on the abandoned road type area.

On the same level, there’ s ladder, climb it to get on top of the containers and pass the walkway on top to reach another ladder.

Climb down from it and come across few Cripshay to fight. Kill them and find few boxes to destroy on the right. You’ll obtain two hi-potions and a moogle medal from them.

Head up the staircase and enter through the door ahead. Exit from the door on the right to find few more boxes and you’ll obtain an antidote from them.

Now, enter the door ahead and find a pod with the moogle medal inside. Return to the staircase area and find another Pod and you’ll obtain 1000 gil.

Head up the stairs to the Potion and Music Vending machine and choose whichever record you like and rest by the blue Bench.

After resting had into the door on the right which leads you to the Control Rom. Exit through the other door and find a box on your left and obtain a hi-potion.

Head inside the Control room and start using the Control system and at this moment the lights will go out and a cutscene will be triggered.

Ghoul Boss Fight
Once the cutscene is over, an epic battle takes place between Cloud and Ghoul. Ghoul throws a lot of furniture and you, block each attack and let the company cast Fire, Blizzard, and Lighting spells as it’s vulnerable towards them.

Ghoul has few status-affecting attacks that you can’t counter with spells also, a stun attack helps it capture you for a few seconds. If your allies are affected by Silence then use Echo Mist to bring them back to normal.

During the fight, Ghoul picks up one of your allies and hold them. Don’t get fooled by that because the real Ghoul is on the other side of the room.

Stress it a little bit till it releases your ally and goes back to its grave.

Once you’ve defeated Ghoul head out the doors into the staircase area with the machine on its left. Hold the button and the train will be placed below.

Head downstairs and fight a few Lesser Drakes and find a Pod to obtain three bottles of echo mist.

Finally! You’ve passed the Maintenance Facility. The moment you exit the facility, you’ll get attacked by Wererats and Ghosts.

Kill all of them and head up the ladder and reach the other side of the area. There you’ll find a Train, press triangle to start it and surprisingly it starts and a short cutscene Is triggered.

Head to the other side of the area and see few helicopters flying above. Go through the broken-down train and Start the train you find in the next area. The train moves forward to reveal a Pod and you’ll obtain 2 mega potions.

Fight few Lesser Drakes and start another train ahead to trigger a short cutscene. Go to the next area and use the Energy Drink Potion machine and take rest on the bench.

Eligor Boss
Once you’ve rested a long cutscene triggers and after the cutscene, you’ll fight the last boss of Chapter 11, Eligor.

Eligor boss shows weakness to Ice. You can use Blizzard and the Shiva summon materia to deal with him. He uses Piercing Gaze laser attack and a charging attack so make sure to keep a safe distance from him since you can’t damage him with your physical attacks.

Once Eligor flies in the air, use Pray and Healing to aid your allies. As soon as he returns to the ground, he’ll throw javelins which you must dodge. Simply hide behind the container until it’s destroyed.

Aim for his chariot’s wheels and stagger him. Once you’ve dealt with Eligor, a final cutscene is triggered, finishing chapter 11 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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