Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 4: Mad Dash Walkthrough

This complete walkthrough of Mad Dash, chapter 4 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will help you complete this lengthy section with ease

Chapter 4 of FF7 Remake is quite an interesting chapter that starts off with the Roche boss fight. In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 4: Mad Dash Walkthrough we have given the entire walkthrough from start to finish with important tips and loot as well.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 4: Mad Dash

Chapter 4 of FF7 Remake starts off with you on a motorcycle with Jessie accompanied by Wedge and Biggs riding their own motorcycle. Get used to the controls while riding alongside the tunnel where Shinra attacks as your attacks and movement are totally different in this part of the game.

Using L2 and R2, Accelerates and Brakes. The attack is performed by Square and Circle (either left or right). L1 is used for targeting the adversary from a distance and Triangle is used for long-ranged attacks. Make sure to cooldown after each attack.

Roche Motorcycle Chase
Continue moving alongside this route and come across a wave of soldiers and drones. Destroy them and reach the biggest Soldier of them all, Roche. Roche is a boss you’ll encounter in Chapter 4.

Roche enters the scene on his motorcycle and starts attacking you with his long-ranged attacks. One of which is the rapid-fire energy attack that works similar to Cloud’s Spinning Slash. Simply dodge them and throw your own long-ranged attacks at him.

His other long-ranged attack is the charged blast. This attack comes with a twist as Roche throws the energy directly at the Cloud all at once instead of throwing them in a series. The charged blast can be dodged with a hard left/right.

Apart from all the ranged attacks, Roche also has other attacks in his arsenal such as a series of sword slashes. This move can’t be dodged due to its impressive speed but, you can still block it by using R1.

Probably the most annoying attack he possesses is his area-of-effect electrical attack.

Roche uses his motorcycle to do a nose wheelie and slams it on the floor, creating electricity around him. This move is not easily blocked therefore, the best option is to stay away from it as soon as Roche executes it.

The most dangerous thing about Roche’s attacks is that his attacks change routes after each blast so, you’ll have to continue moving forward to dodge them. Simply move in one direction and ignore the attacks and change directions once he does his final attack.

Roche has new attacks up his sleeves once you’ve drained 50% of his health. These attacks include him charging his blade with energy.

He electrifies his sword during his melee charged attack and pulls up near Cloud, then crouches on top of his ride and jumps in midair to execute his slashing attack.

However, once Roche uses this attack, he is locked in it and can’t alter his speed. Therefore, either use L2 to slow down or R2 to speed up and avoid this move.

Another use of his sword comes when he performs his ranged charged attack. Roche electrifies his sword once again but this time rides his motorcycle on the walls, creating lighting that hits ahead of you in random directions.

Just pass through them or slow down with L2 if you can’t lodge them. In the end, he uses the Area-of Effect Lightning attack for which he slams the motorcycle on the track. The best tip here is to stay away from the borders as Roche leaps off the walls.

Once you’ve taken care of Roche, Cloud along with the allies reach the destination. Get off your rides and start going forward on foot.

From here, Jessie heads up the stairs. Follow her and unlock the residential area’s gate. Follow the rest of your allies to trigger a cinematic.

Keep moving down the road and head right from the second street. There you’ll come across a house on your left where Jessie asks Biggs and Wedge to come inside while you stay outside.

Since you’re not invited, you’re left with no choice except for waiting outside near the corner of the house.

Once you’re given the signal, head towards the back door of the house and find a door on it’s right. There you’ll find a jumpsuit with Shinra’s ID card.

Head outside towards the street and meet your allies. Jessie tries to get some supplies. Cloud, Biggs and Wedge are supposed to distract Shinra during Jessie’s break in.

Follow Wedge and Biggs and they’ll start telling Jessie’s backstory. Once you’ve reached the end of the road, head up the stairs and realize you’ve been beaten by someone to the compound.

2 Hi-Potions are found in a chest. To find them, you must clear the entrance and move around towards the right. Keep moving towards the end to find the chest on your left.

Move past the gates and talk to Biggs. He informs you about your preparation before you head into your next push.

Go downstairs into the training center to increase your XP, take some time off at the Blue Bench or buy items from the vending machine.

After resting; both physically and mentally, talk to Biggs to begin. Before going for the attack, Cloud looks up and remembers the time spent talking with Tifa. Jessie immediately shoots a flare and cues the attack.

Follow Biggs and Wedge and walk pass them towards a massive entrance. In this area, you’ll encounter a wave of adversaries. The first wave comes in the form of Security Officers so, use your charged attacks to clear the area.

Soon after the first wave, you’ll face Riot Troopers and an Elite Security Officer. Try to avoid missiles and take them out with Fire/Fira. As for the missiles, Biggs has it all under control as he takes them out.

Elite Grenadiers are your third wave of adversaries. Maintain a distance from them to use the Punisher Mode and knock them out. Again, Biggs takes care of the launcher.

The fourth wave is of Guard Dogs. For an offensive play use the Operator Mode/ turtle up and use the Punisher Mode for a defensive play. Defensive really helps as it opens up your counter attacks.

Once you’ve cleared the Fourth wave, two Sweepers will try to take you out. Thanks to Ifrit being stirred in your blade, you can select summon (from the menu) and summon Ifrit to aid you in the fight.

Roche Boss Fight
After the two Sweepers are taken out of action, Roche appears and challenges Cloud for a Duel. He plays fair by giving you max health up to 9999 and restoring your MP by 999.

Mostly Roche possesses Cloud’s abilities which makes him a very dangerous competitor especially in a duel.

His abilities include Plunge, Wind Slash, Vacuum Wave, Thundara, Blizzara, Ignition Flame, Combustion Sword. As for his weakness, Roche is vulnerable to Fire and can easily be distracted by being blocked and countered.

Also, don’t forget to use the ATB charges when facing Roche. This way you’ll heal yourself during the duel. Countering his moves staggers him and once he’s staggered, he can easily be defeated by using Triple Slash.

After coming out victorious in the Duel, you’ll trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is finished, follow Biggs to the entrance or rest on the blue bench to increase your HP and MP. You need it!

On your right, there’s an alcove. Duck into it and jump over the wall. Keep moving forward till you reunite with Jessie, triggering a cutscene. Once the cutscene it over Wedge also reunites with Jessie.

Follow Jessie and watch her go through the guards. A doorway is found on your left, duck onto it and continue following Jessie till you come across the Sector 7 Plate Edge

From here, move towards the right side and follow your allies downstairs to trigger another cutscene.

Now, Follow Wedge to reach Biggs house. But, Biggs house is empty at this time therefore, Wedge takes you to Jessies house. From here, you can escort Wedge to his home.

Go back to Jessie’s place and collect your payment (Barrier Materia). By now you’re tired and need a shut-eye.

But before heading back to your place, Jessie asks you to return the other night. It’s your choice to choose the answer. Now you can take some time off by choosing Sleep untill tomorrow which will trigger yet another cutscene.

You’ll wake up in the morning and find Sector 7 as it’s being attacked by the Mysterious Spectres. You and Tifa will pair up to fight against them. Make sure to use your MTB for powerful magic attacks.

Follow Tifa after clearing the area but be careful as many swarms of the spectres will try to interfere. Go through them and continue proceeding forward till you reach the Seventh Heaven.

An Enigmatic Spectre traps Tifa and you must attack it to release her.

Keep fighting other Spectres until the Enigmatic Spectre is vulnerable. Use magic attacks to stagger it. Once it’s staggered, you can easily make things worse for it.

Keep doing this method till you defeat the Enigmatic Spectre and trigger a cutscene. Follow Tifa outside and head to the train station where Barret awaits your arrival. Talk to him to trigger another cutscene thus ending Chapter 4.

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