Final Fantasy 7 Remake Roche Boss Guide

Following the motorcycle chase at the start of Chapter 4 of FF7 Remake, you go into a proper battle with...

Following the motorcycle chase at the start of Chapter 4 of FF7 Remake, you go into a proper battle with Roche. In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Roche Boss guide we will give you all the tips and strategies needed to defeat Roche in FF7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Roche Boss

Roche has some pretty powerful attacks that you need to be careful of during the boss fight. We have listed all of Roche’s moves in FF7 Remake below:

  • Sword Attack: A continuous blow of multiple strikes with his sword. But you will be able to block them.
  • Plunge: Roche will jump high up in the air and strike his sword straight downward. You will not be able to block it and hence you must dodge.
  • Thunder: Roche will throw a lightening magic thunder at you. Must be dodged.
  • Dashing Slash: Roche will perform a fast dashing strike. This move cannot be blocked and hence must be dodged.
  • Ignition Flame: A fire infused slash after getting high damage.
  • Combustion Sword: A series of three jumping attacks causing a small AoE damage upon landing. Must be avoided and dodged.

Strategies and Tips
In order for you to defeat Roche in Final Fantasy 7, you must play both offensive plus defensive at the same time. It is because, as mentioned, some of Roche’s attacks can be blocked, but some must be dodged.

Just like most of the human enemies, Roche is weak to Fire attacks. Hence in the first phase of the fight, where he mostly uses his sword attacks, you should try for the fire magic.

When you have dealt him enough damage, the second phase of the battle will begin. Roche will use quick dashing slash, Ignition Flame and Combustion sword attacks in this phase.

You should know that he is going to perform a dashing slash when he tucks his sword onto his side. The best strategy here is to parry his dashing slash and quickly counter.

Whereas for Ignition Flame, you must stay ready after inflicting multiple hits, as he does this attack as retaliation to your attacks.

In the end, when he winds up for combustion sword, you must prepare to make a proper dodge to avoid a series of three lethal attacks.

So overall, the battle with Roche needs patience and grabbing the opportunity to counter whenever it appears. Eventually, you will have the space to stagger Roche, and he will be out in a blow.