Final Fantasy 7 Remake Roche Motorcycle Chase Guide

In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Roche Motorcycle Chase guide, we will show you how to handle this encounter against the boss

Chapter 4 of FF7 Remake begins with an epic adrenaline-charged motorcycle sequence. You play as Cloud, and are on a motorcycle, with Jessie on your back and Biggs and Wedge on another bike, being chased by Roche. In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Roche Motorcycle Chase guide, we will show you how to handle this encounter.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Roche Motorcycle Chase

After fighting a few waves of normal enemies, you’ll come face to face with Roche.

Most of the fight is long-ranged, as Roche will mostly move ahead of you and shoot projectiles from a range. Be ready to dodge or block anything he throws at you and attack every time your charge is up.

Roche will use the following attacks through this phase.

  • Sword Slash: One of his melee attacks, Roche will throw a series of slashes.
  • EM Field: An AoE electric attack where he slams his type after a wheelie.
  • Electric Slash: Roche will charge his blade for melee attack and perform a leap slash attack.
  • Rapid Fire: Roche’s ranged attack where he shoots Cloud’s Spinning Slash like projectiles along multiple trajectories.
  • Charged Blast: Similar to Rapid Fire, except it is a single large projectile.
  • Lightning Storm: Roche will cause electricity to fall randomly across the path.

Stage 1
During this stage, Roche will mostly ride ahead, launching projectiles at you. Keep dodging them and throw your ranged attack whenever charged.

Eventually, he’ll come next to you and use melee attacks. This is when the most damage can be dealt to him.

Block the sword slash as it is hard to didge, and whenever he performs a wheelie to use the EM field, just steer away from him to avoid as much damage as possible. Keep on the safe attacks to get him to 50% health.

Stage 2
This is where Roche will start to charge his blade with electricity and use the electric slash.

Roche will drive next to you and leap into the air to perform a drop slash. It can be easily avoided by either speeding up or slowing down, as Roche cannot change his speed midair.

Second, Roche will drive on the wall and cause electricity to fall across your path. It is recommended that you slow down here to steer safely across. Attacking is the same in this phase also, so just time your attacks right.

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