Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters Walkthrough

The second chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake is titled ‘Fateful Encounters’ and it’s basically about making your way back to the base. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters, step by step, so you won’t have any difficulty completing it.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters

You start off this chapter by walking through an alleyway with Jessie, Bigg, Wedge and Barret. Keep moving forward and make your way through the door that Jessie blows up.

Reach the Sector 8 Station
After the cutscene, your new goal is now to get to Sector 8 Station. Walk down the road and go up the stairs Jessie points you to.

As you walk across the bridge made out of debris, it’ll fall and bring you back down to the road.

Continue moving down this road and once you reach the overpass, it’ll collapse as well and trigger a cutscene.

In this FF7 Remake Chapter 2 cutscene, Cloud will see Sephiroth (who he has killed before). After the cutscene ends, you have to now follow Sephiroth to figure out how he’s back. Once you catch up to him, another cutscene will trigger.

Taking a Detour
Get back onto the road and turn into the alleyway to your left. Go up the stairs to get on the roof of the building and climb down to the street from the other side of this roof.

Move down the road a bit and you’ll see Sephiroth once again. In this cutscene, a peddler will give you a flower that you can get for free by asking ‘How much?’.

When she touches Cloud, you’ll see the creatures that are bothering her. Coincidentally, some guards will show up.

Take care of these simple enemies using your Buster Sword and move down the road and you’ll see two more guards. Take them out as well and get the orb of deadly dodge materia (the purple orb next to the car).

To your left, there will be another guard and two more dogs. After defeating them, go back to where you entered this road and move towards the fountain to fight multiple Shinra and Shock troops.

Climb to the Roof
After all of that, you now have to make your way up to the rooftops to progress forward. Use the ladder to the right of the entrance to this area and get back down on the road using the ladders on the rooftops.

Turn right, and you’ll see some more troops will block your path. Keep making your way forward, eliminating all these troops in your path.

After you cross the bridge, move along the road to the left and you’ll be attacked by a Riot Trooper and two dogs. Loot the Shinra boxes to your right and keep moving down this road.

You’ll be ambushed by three trucks full of troops. Make use of tactical mode to give yourself time to figure out how you can deal with all of them. Deal AoE damage using Operator mode. You can also use the Grenadier to easily take them out.

Take out the Riot Trooper quickly using Fire. Out of all of these troops, the Huntsman is the most dangerous as his baton can stun you. Try your best to stay far away from him and fight the rest of the troops first.

After the rest have been dealt with, deal Fire damage to the Huntsman using ATB and MP charges and then use Focused Thrust on him.

You won’t have to eliminate all of them, as Cloud will jump onto the passing train during the fight.

The Train
After a cutscene, you’ll be reunited with Jessie, Bigg, Wedge and Barret in the train. Make your way down this train, while speaking with all of them in your path. Finally, talk to Jessie at the end of this train to complete FF7 Remake Chapter 2 and start Chapter 3.