Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ghoul Boss Guide

Scared of ghosts? Well don't be as we have prepared a guide to help you defeat the Ghoul boss in Chapter 11 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

When you finally access the console in Chapter 11 of Final Fantasy VII Remake, you might find yourself being attacked by floating items around you. Yup! that’s a Ghoul waiting to take you down but we have prepared a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ghoul Boss Guide to help.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ghoul Boss

Due to your presence, several ghosts just decided to combine their powers and attempt to take your party down. Lucky for you, we have combined a detailed methodology on how to take this very specific boss, named ‘The Ghoul’, down.

The Ghoul is a result of many ghosts combining their powers into one. Being able to use telekinesis, its ranged abilities are extremely formidable, allowing him to maintain a distance, whilst also dealing a great amount of damage.

The Ghoul is weak to a few specific attacks; you are going to want your party to focus on these types so as to deal a maximum amount of damage.

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Blizzard

With a handful of attacks in his arsenal, he will mostly disorient a specific party member of yours in order to deal damage.

Initially, however, you are going to want to dodge the things he throws at you with telekinesis; either dodge them or block them, it is up to you.

Silence – At times, the Ghoul will be able to silence you, preventing you from using any magical abilities of sorts.

Electrocute – Eventually, the boss will stun you from a distance for a few seconds. The visual cue to this is that, if you’re too close when he’s ‘roaring’, you will get stunned.

Immunity – When the health of the boss is down quite a bit, he will often go into his ‘immune’ mode, where he will not take damage, so try not to waste any MP on it during this phase. Wait it out, until the Ghoul stops being transparent, and you can deal damage again.

Telekinesis – Towards the end of the fight, the Ghoul may pick up a party member of yours and hold them in the air. The Ghoul doing so however, will not be real. The real Ghoul can be found in the corner, to the other side of the room. Hit him, in order to free your party member.

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