Final Fantasy 7 Remake Eligor Boss Guide

Confused how to defeat the chariot-like boss? This Eligor boss guide for Final Fantasy 7 Remake should help you with the fight

Well, by now you must know how strange and odd enemies in Final Fantasy VII Remake are and Eligor is no different. Now you will see all those strangeness coming to the visual world and it is beautiful. In this guide we will go through the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Eligor Boss fight.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Eligor Boss

This will be a simple and straight forward fight with this strange ghost creature that is a horse on two-wheel and two legs. The fight will start when some ghosts take Aerith with them.

This will be after the Ghoul fight and you will have Cloud, Aerith and Tifa with you during the Eligor fight in FF7 Remake.

The ghosts will take Aerith and after a long cutscene, Cloud and Tifa will be able to find Aerith and this boss Eligor will come up to fight.

This is specifically a chariot and it has a main weakness of Ice. It has no phases but a simple and straight fight, first start attacking the Eligor using cloud and use his Fire and Ice elemental attack which will do most of the damage.

When it’s health is 1/3rd it will be staggered and the horse will fall down, this is the time to take on Eligor and chip on his health as much as you can, so attack him with all the characters and every strong attack you have.

Then it will stand up again and this time, even more enraged. First, it will attack you on the ground but when it has half the health left it will start flying.

When your summon bar is full we recommend you summon Blizzard or Shiva. Shiva will be the most effective here as her Ice attacks will do much more damage.

Summon Shiva and keep using the aerial attacks from Aeritha and Tifa but also keep a safe distance from him as his charging attacks can give you a lot of damage.

If Eligor gets close, use Cloud’s dodge and punisher mode attacks, and Tifa’s unbridled strength. Keep a healing spell like Cura handy in case you get into trouble.

When in the air, use Aerith’s simple attacks to keep chipping away on his health. You will face many airborne attacks from Eligor when he is in the air as he will also throw javelins.

Now when he comes back on the ground the final phase of the battle will start which is to focus and attack Eligor‘s wheels.

Focus all your attacks on one wheel and it will come off after some time. Now Eligor will be staggered and the horse will fall down.

Well, this is basically the final moment of the battle because he is not coming up again as long as you do your job and throw everything all of your characters have on him at that moment.

When the horse is down, attack Eligor with everything and you will be able to defeat him.