Final Fantasy 16 Under New Management II Walkthrough

Under New Management II is the second, and last part of the Under New Management I side quest in Final Fantasy 16.

Under New Management II is the second, and last part of the Under New Management I side quest in Final Fantasy 16.

In the last quest, you gathered the opinions of the people and the soldiers about the Military Stronghold. This stronghold was to be built by the Duke of Oriflamme and he had promised a better life to the soldiers in Northreach.

This stronghold was to be the basis on which the Empire was to be reconstructed. The Empire was to be funded by heavily taxing the locals of the town and confiscating their property if needed.

Under New Management II is started by having a conversation with the Dame called Isabelle. She will be where you left off in the last quest.

You will have to complete the previous side-quest, Under New Management, to start this side-quest. You will also need to start the main story quest called Back to Their Origins.

How to complete Under New Management II in FF16

During the conversation with Isabelle, she will tell you that almost every able-bodied man is engaged in the fortifications of the town and are busy. There is no one to guard the town in the event of an attack. She will ask you to join Philippe to make a citizen’s watch and guard the town in case of an attack.

Sabrine will show up during the conversation and tell Isabelle that they need to come together to fight and kick him out of the town.

She proposes that with Isabelle on her side, they can remove the duke and send him back. This will not solve the problem and will only make matters worse. After a bit of back and forth, Sabrine goes back.

After the discussion with Isabelle, you will need to go and talk to Philippe. He will be located outside the walls of the town and at the southern end of the market and beside the market’s outer wall.

Have a chat with Philippe

When you go towards Philippe, Sabrine will be arguing to make him join her against her father. Philippe refuses to do that and insists that this will not help the people in the event of an attack.

When you talk to him, he says that there have been sightings of Thralls in the area and they needed a man like Clive to stop them from coming into the town.

He will ask you to move towards Greagor’s Weep. There are sightings of thralls near the shore of the Weep. Philippe will not join you because he has to look into another sighting to the north of the town

Travel towards Greagor’s Weep to clear the Thralls

Greagor's Weep location in Under New Management II in Final Fantasy 16.

You will now be tasked to move towards Greagor’s Weep. It is a long walk so mount your Chocobo to go there. When you reach the area and unmount your chocobo, the enemies will appear.

They have low health but they are quite a lot and they will come in 2 waves. After you have defeated them you will be rewarded.

Talk to Philippe and head back to Northreach

After the fight, Philippe will arrive and he will be surprised by what he saw. He says that last time the thralls came from the north but now they have arrived from the south. He will now go to the north and enquire about the situation there.

He tells you to head back to the town. Sabrine has filled the mind of the townsfolk and they have gathered by her side to face the knights and the duke. Philippe worries that people may get hurt and want you to ease the tension.

When you go back to the town, Sabrine with the people of northreach will be up against the Duke and the knights. They are about to fight but Isabelle stops them. Duke insults the Dame by accusing her to brainwash his daughter.

Finally, Philippe arrives from the Northern gates in distress and lays the news that the thralls are approaching from the north. They are hundreds of them and the guards will be overrun by them. At this, the duke orders his men to retreat and regroup at Caer Norvent. The knight does not listen to the duke.

At this, Isabelle makes a speech to stand together and defend the Northreach. Philippe orders the Pikemen to the gates and the Archers to the roof and prepare to defend the town.

After that, Philippe and you will meet up with Isabelle. She will tell you that if anyone is wounded during the combat, they can come to the Veil to be treated. You tell Philippe that you will head to the northern gates and tell Philippe to guard the south in case thralls come from there.

Travel to the Northern Northreach and slay the beasts

Now you have to travel to the Northern gates and out in the open fields. There you will find a lot of thralls spawning in front of you. These can easily be defeated without trouble.

After they are defeated, a new wave will arrive. This wave has the encroaching undertaker. This is a slow beast with a lot of health. It will stomp on the ground to create a shock wave or charge toward you to throw you off. It will also swing his arm towards you. After the beast is defeated, the battle will be over.

Return back to Northreach

You will return back to Northreach. There you will find Sabrine, the Duke, Isabelle, and Philippe. Isabelle will thank you for coming and saving the town at the right time.

The duke will apologise for his actions and learns that the people do not need an empire to survive. They can work together if they have a leader who knows what they feel.

Sabrine will also apologize to the duke because she had taken the matter too far. Isabelle invites both of them to join hands and make Northreach and Sanbreque a better place.

She will then go back to the veil to tend to the wounded. Philippe will have a chat with the duke and his daughter. In this moment you will be tasked to go back to the Veil and talk to Isabelle.

This is a critical moment in the Under New Management II side quest of Final Fantasy 16.

Talk to Isabelle outside the Veil

When you reach here and start the dialog, she will thank you. When you ask about what she would do if the thralls had entered and destroyed Northreach, she will tell you about her past life and how she came here. How the people welcomed her and treated her kindly. After this dialog, the side quest will be completed.

Under New Management II rewards in Final Fantasy 16

When the side-quest Under New Management II is completed, the following are the rewards you will get.

  • 7200 EXP
  • 40 Renown
  • 1x Meteorite
  • 1x Orichalcum
  • 1x Veil Signboard

These are the rewards you will get in the end. Other than that, you will be rewarded when you defeated the Thralls at Greagor’s Weep. These rewards include

  • 900 EXP
  • 60 Ability Points
  • 240 Gil
  • 16x Wyrrites
  • 48x Magicked Ash

You will also be rewarded for defeating the enemies in the northern fields of Northreach, These are

  • 2550 EXP
  • 230 Ability Points
  • 920 Gil
  • 120x Magicked Ash
  • 1x Meteorite
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