How To Defeat Typhon In Final Fantasy 16

Typhon in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most challenging bosses you must fight to advance in the story. Due to his unpredictable and ...

Typhon in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most challenging bosses you must fight to advance in the story. Due to his unpredictable and powerful moves, he can be tough to beat. You will face him while doing Crystal’s Curse quest after the Cid destroys the Mothercrystal.

Even though Cid stabs it with the staff, you still have to face him. We have prepared a guide on defeating Typhon in FF16 to assist you in this battle.

How to defeat Typhon in Final Fantasy 16

Typhon is one of the most challenging bosses in Final Fantasy 16. He has multiple phases of the battle. The key to winning this fight is to know its attack before so you can dodge them easily.

If you know its attacks, you will play accordingly and develop a strategy. Since Typhon has multiple phases, we will go through each and tell you about its attack.

Phase 1

In this phase, you will fight as Clive and take down level 22 enemies Typhon summons. You will not fight Typhon directly as, at first, he will summon six Revenants.

Revenants are low-level enemies with a sword, so take them down without losing your health. Six new enemies (Specter) will appear as you kill all the Revenants. In addition to these foes, you will see large circles on the ground.

Try not to stand in these circles because Typhon shoots projectiles at these circles in Final Fantasy 16. Keep running away and dodge the orbs attack from Specter and kill them. After taking out these enemies, Typhon will shoot a beam at the ground.

When looking closely at the ground, you will notice that the ground is glowing from either side of the beam. Run away from this glowing ground because it will explode after some time. In addition to these beams, many Wraiths will also appear before you.

Now you must deal with these foes while avoiding beams and exploding ground. As the ground explodes after a short delay, you can easily escape and focus on fighting the Wraiths in Final Fantasy 16.

When these Wraiths are fended off, a cutscene will start where Typhon pulls the Ramuh’s staff from his chest and destroys it. At the same time, Clive will transform into Ifrit (Eikon) to face Typhon himself.

Phase 2 – Ifrit vs Typhon

Now that you are Ifrit, you can perform additional abilities like Wildfire sprint and jump. These moves prove very useful when escaping Typhon’s ranged attacks in FF16.

When you try to attack Typhon, he will raise his hand and slam at you. Whenever you see Typhon raising his hands from Slam, try to run to either side, or you will lose quite a bit of your health. You can also use Wildfire Sprint to dodge it.

He also tries to use his claws to swipe and lunges, so be prepared to dodge them. These melee attacks are a bit slower, so you can easily dodge and perform powerful combos to lower Typhon’s health.

When his health is almost 50%, he will teleport away and perform one of his deadly attacks (Unending Clamor). In this attack, Typhon will produce a giant purple around you, and after a short delay, a massive dome of electricity will erupt.

You will lose your health if you get caught in this electricity. If you have looked at the tutorial at the beginning of the Unending Clamor attack, you will see by pressing O; you can easily dodge using Wildfire.

The next attack that Typhon in FF16 uses is shooting projectiles at you. These are more random; you must dodge each one to avoid damage. You can also use this opportunity to dodge these projectiles and attack him from behind to stagger him.

Another variation of this attack is by extending both arms and shooting the same projectiles from both arms. Now the number of projectiles is increased, it will be hard to dodge and attack from behind. In this situation, focus on dodging these projectiles.

Typhon also shoots beams from his finger at you. Since these are medium-sized, you can easily dodge them. More trouble is when he extends his arms and shoots a ray from each of these fingers in Final Fantasy 16. If it is still not damaging, he also closes his hands to close the gap in between.

The good news is that these beams are short-ranged, so you can easily escape by standing at a safe distance. Try to counterattack whenever you see any opening to lower health as much as possible.

You will hear his voice when you have lowered his health to zero, and multiple Typhons will appear in the cutscene. All these Typhons will merge into one, and now Typhon the Transgressor will have four arms in FF16.

Phase 3

As you can see, Typhon the Transgressor is much more powerful than his previous form. Typhon will shoot beams from his fingers. Unlike before, these beams are quicker and more powerful and will track for location.

After these beams, he will use Unending Clamor again, but this time he will generate multiple purple side-by-side to limit your escape. The best and most effective way to dodge it is by using Wildfire forward and performing combos at him.

Typhon in FF16 will perform slashes from each of his arms; now he has four arms, he will try to slash in all four directions. Unlike the previous phase, these slashes are quicker and much more damaging. He will also use all four arms to slash at the same time inward and then outward. Try to run away in such situations.

In addition, he will also throw horizontal and vertical blades at you. These blades are dashed at a much higher speed, so dodge perfectly or get ready to lose your health.

He will use his newest attack when you think it is enough (Demon Wall). In this attack, he produces two walls with a small gap in between. These walls will move forward to damage anything in their way.

He will change the position of the gap every time he uses the Demon wall in Final Fantasy 16, so it will be harder for you to escape. Try to sprint at the space and use Wildfire if necessary to avoid damage.

Furthermore, he will shoot random projectiles from his hands, but now these projectiles will track your location and return to you to lower your health. Whenever Typhon shoots these projectiles, try to see if they are tracking you so you can pull off a perfect dodge.

Typhon will perform another new attack (Catacecaumene) in this phase. He will teleport further from you in this attack and shoot beams from his four arms at the ground. After a short delay, a small circle will start glowing in the arena, and rays will emerge from the ground.

When you think it is hard to dodge, Typhon will perform Unending Clamor with it. Now you have two circles to dodge, one from Catacecaumene and one from Unending Clamor. Try to dodge both to get closer to Typhon to perform counterattacks in FF16.

Try to find any openings to damage it as much as to stagger him. Once his health is at its lowest, he will run away, sprint at you, and teleport to attack from behind.

A cutscene will appear on the screen where you will dodge Typhon’s attack and shoot a fireball at him. You will now generate a Hellfire and throw it at him. Just as when you are ready to throw, he will shoot beams at you and will teleport to knock you down from behind.

But it won’t be enough to kill you; you will stand up and jump to throw the Hellfire at him. Keep pressing the button shown on the screen to damage the Typhon. After some presses, Hellfire will consume Typhon, and you will become victorious in Final Fantasy 16.

Final attacks like Hellfire are all part of the cutscene, so you don’t have to do anything apart from pressing the button shown on the screen.

Typhon rewards

When Typhon is defeated, you (Clive) will be rewarded with 870 XP, 200 Ability points, 3500 Gil, The Breath of Fire, 25 Sharp Fangs, 20 Steelsilk, and 70 Magicked Ash.

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