Final Fantasy 16 The Pack Notorious Mark Hunt

The Pack in Final Fantasy 16 is an example of a Notorious Mark that will be seen in the Dhalmekian Republic.

The Pack in Final Fantasy 16 is an example of a Notorious Mark that will be seen in the Dhalmekian Republic. Since these are the Notorious Marks, you must wait until they are unlocked. In the Pack’s case, the Things Fall Apart quest in FF16 unlocks it.

Although, you must wait until you have completed the subsequent quest because it gives you access to Tabor (The Pack’s location). Read the guide to learn about the Pack’s location and tips on how to slay them.

The Pack location in Final Fantasy 16

When you have unlocked both the Pack and the location (Tabor), you can use the Obelisk (Tabor) in the Dhalmekian Republic. Travel south from the Tabor on Chocobo to reduce the traveling time. Use the map above as a guide to reach the location easily.

At the location, you will see a bunch of creatures (The Pack); approach them to start the battle.

How to defeat The Pack in FF16

The Pack are five wolves-like creatures of level 33 C-rank. Despite their rank, they can give you difficulty if approached without a strategy. They attack in a group like Soul Stingers, but since they are ground creatures, they are easier to beat.

They often use the Thrill of the Hunt, attacking you simultaneously by leaping at you. This attack is brutal to dodge if not seen beforehand. Since they attack and move as a group, AoE attacks will be perfect in this battle.

Some of the Eikon abilities, like Scarlet Cyclone and Pile Drive, would take a significant amount of the Packs’ lives and bring you closer to victory in Final Fantasy 16.

Unlike other bosses and hunts, they don’t get staggered, so you should use AoE more to damage them all at once. Lunge’s ability with magic is another attack that works perfectly in this battle and uses ground finishers to take them down one by one.

Dodging and using AoE attacks are the perfect way to win this battle.


You will get the following rewards for defeating the Pack in FF16:

  • 20 Sharp Fang
  • 50 Bloody Hide
  • 10 Magicked Ash
  • 10 Renown
  • 5,800 Gil
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