Final Fantasy 16 The Crystals’ Curse Walkthrough

In The Crystals' Curse quest in Final Fantasy 16 is a very combat intensive quest in which you'll have to end the curse of a crystal.

The Crystals’ Curse main quest in Final Fantasy 16 has Cid, Jill, and Cid infiltrate the Dark’s Head in order to shatter a crystal.

They also work to rid Oriflame of the Blessing. This is a very combat-intensive quest that you can start after playing the quest Righting Wrongs.

You will face a plethora of challenging enemies. As such, we will be teaching you how you can start The Crystals’ Curse in FF16 and how you can complete it.

How to complete the Crystals’ Curse in FF16

To start the Crystals’ Curse quest in Final Fantasy 16, you have to use fast travel to reach Drake’s Head. A cutscene will play as you arrive.

After watching that, you have to make your way deep into the tunnel where you will find a lot of enemies. For easier reference, we have listed down all the objectives of this quest.

Defeat all the enemies  

You will come across a room filled with enemies and you need to clear them out to proceed. Drop down and then engage them. Take out the ranged attackers first and then focus on the melee combatants. This will make the job easier for you.  

Break the wall and proceed

When you are done fighting the enemies, look for a wall around the vicinity. This wall can be broken and will lead you out of the tunnel.  

Some FFXVI Imperial Wat Wyrms will ambush you while you travel through the tunnel. Take them out and then carry on. Another cutscene will play out and after that, you will face off against the Imperial Cannonier.

Fight the Imperial Cannonier

This is a ranged enemy with devastating attacks. He will stick to mostly ranged attacks but he does have one melee attack where he swings his canon at you.

There will be a wind-up before each attack that should give you a window to dodge them. Be mindful of them, and then attack the Cannonier. Eventually, he’d go down.

You will get the following rewards for defeating the Imperial Cannonier in FFXVI: 

  • 1x The Favour of the Inferno (Ignition) 
  • 15x Wyrrite 
  • 15x Steelsilk 
  • 70 EXP 
  • 110 Ability Points 
  • 2,000 Gil 

Proceed toward the elevator and pull the handle which will bring you down. You will get multiple potions and items on your way. 

As you move forward, you will encounter Akashic Miners. You will also need to beat the Akashic Champion, so be prepared for the intense battle. 

After the fight, you will notice a wooden barrier where you need to go. A cutscene will play and you will have to deal with more enemies there. 

Proceed through the mines

Now, go to the right where you will see some mines through which you have to go across. Eventually, you’ll come across a large door that will be closed. There will be a nearby level, simply pull it and then proceed.

You’ll find more enemies along the way and you’ll need to take them out. There will be a wooden barrier and a door that you will need to break down.

Once you destroy the gate, go forward until you emerge into the cavern. Now do down the stairs, on the path of Goddess, you will have to battle more enemies including some Wraiths and a Lich. 

Battle against Akashic Dragon 

As you move forward, you will find the Akashic Dragon in The Crystals’ Curse quest in Final Fantasy 16. He can attack you in two ways which are spitting flames and tail strikes. 

Use your powers and try to stay behind him since that’s the safest area. Avoid his large tail strikes by moving out of the way and do the same to avoid the flames.

Attack at every available opportunity and the boss will go down. You will get the following loot by defeating the dragon. 

  • 10x Bloody Hide 
  • 2x Meteorite 
  • 1x Black Blood 
  • 90 EXP 
  • 120 Ability Points 
  • 3,000 Gil 

Now, go towards the gate to enter the inner sanctum. Once you are inside the inner sanctum, you will find many healing items. Collect them and then watch the cutscene. 

Battle with Revenants

After the cut scene, you will have to fight some Revenants. These are tough enemies and you’ll likely need to heal up during the fight. Once that is over, you will now battle the Typhon.

Battle against Typhon 

This is the main boss battle for the Crystals’ Curse quest in Final Fantasy 16. It comes in 2 phases, so prepare to fight to defeat him.

The good news is that he isn’t as quick as many other enemies so you can easily dodge many of his attacks. Remember to use Wildfire when he executes his AOE attack and you’ll be fine.

He will be faster and hit harder in Phase 2, but won’t do anything he hasn’t done before in Phase 1. So just be aware of this, be quick on your feet, and you’ll be fine.

Once you are successful in killing Typhon, you will get the following rewards and the quest The Crystals’ Curse in Final Fantasy 16 comes to an end. 

  • 1x The Breath of Fire (Flames of Rebirth) 
  • 25x Sharp Fang 
  • 20x Steelsilk 
  • 70x Magicked Ash 
  • 870 EXP 
  • 200 Ability Points 
  • 3,500 gil 

The Crystals’ Curse rewards in Final Fantasy 16

There aren’t any official rewards for completing the Crystals’ Curse quest in FFXVI. But you get tons of loot and XP from defeating the three bosses during the quest.

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