How To Defeat Suparna And Chirada In Final Fantasy 16

Suparna and Chirada in Final Fantasy 16 are two of Benedikta's summons that players will have to defeat before they can fight her...

Final Fantasy XVI keeps mixing up the formula of boss battles to keep them entertaining and stop them from getting stale. The fight against Suparna and Chirada is such a boss battle in Final Fantasy 16 where players must go against not one but two bosses at a time.

Suparna and Chirada’s boss fight takes place during the main quest Headwind. After crossing the Greatwood forest in search of Phoenix dominant during the Fanning Embers main quest, Clive and Cid found out that Benedikta has captured him from the village. Both travel through the sewers to finally confront Benedikta who unleashes her minions upon Clive after incapacitating Cid.

Fight against Suparna and Chirada in FF16 is not only the first duo boss battle of the game, but it is also the first proper fight Clive must go through. Suparna and Chirada are winged creatures that resemble fallen angels and they attack Clive relentlessly.

Fighting them solo without Cid doesn’t make things any easier for the players. Below is the complete strategy to take down both Suparna and Chirada easily in Final Fantasy 16.

How to defeat Suparna and Chirada in Final Fantasy 16

Suparna and Chirada in FF16 have lots of attacks in their arsenal. Chirada is particularly dangerous as her attacks do a lot more damage than Suparna’s. Chirada dives through the air and hits Clive head-on. This is an easy attack to read and dodge.

Suparna can create orbs of winds and use them to strike Clive. Suparna also creates wind blasts that follow across the lines marked on the floor.

Both abominations attack Clive with their claws using slash attacks upon close encounter. In Final Fantasy 16, Suparna and Chirada attack Clive simultaneously which triggers the Cinematic Clash sequence. Press the square repeatedly to avoid a massive amount of damage. This is immediately followed by Perfect Storm attack. Both FFXVI Suparna and Chirada bosses buff their attacks by sacrificing their defense.

Final Fantasy 16 Suparna and Chirada boss fight

Suparna starts creating time bombs on the floor that does massive AoE damage to Clive on impact, while Chirada moves in a circle and slams down on Clive’s location by diving through the air. Both attacks can destroy Clive’s HP in an instant. Keep avoiding both attacks and try to land a few hits in between to stagger them.

Once the Perfect Storm attack has stopped, start attacking Suparna and Chirada in FF16 with everything you have. Spam potions and tonics to gain an upper hand in this fight.

The best advice is to focus on Chirada throughout the fight in FFXVI. Once Chirada is down, Suparna will use Inheritance to gain Chirada’s skills (Ornstein and Smoug anyone?). At this point, Suparna creates a checkerboard pattern on the floor with wind orbs traveling through it at lightspeed. This is an extremely difficult attack to avoid.

FF16 Suparna and Chirada boss

Keep moving through the arena while attacking and use Torgal to stagger Suparna as soon as possible. Now use everything you have, to create beautiful combos and deliver as much damage as possible. Suparna will be gone in no time whatsoever.

FFXVI Suparna and Chirada rewards

Once Suparna and Chirada in FF16 have been defeated, Clive is rewarded with 30 exp points, 45 renown points, 1500 gil, 2 Clouded Eye (unique crafting material), 35 sharp fangs and 30 magicked ash.

After defeating these two, you can continue your chase of Benedikta and engage her in a boss battle.

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