Final Fantasy 16 Fanning Embers Walkthrough

Fanning Embers is one of the main story missions in Final Fantasy 16. The mission summary sees Clive put aside his investigation into Cid ...

Fanning Embers is one of the main story missions in Final Fantasy 16. The mission summary sees Clive put aside his investigation into Cid for a while as he joins forces with him to get to a nearby village, where Dominant of Fire has been spotted. Clive, Cid, and their trusty companion Torgal set out to cross the Greatwood to get to the village. Of course, it’s never as easy as a stroll through the park.

This guide will provide a walkthrough for the main story mission in Final Fantasy 16, Fanning Embers.

Final Fantasy 16 Fanning Embers quest walkthrough

Fanning Embers is the 9th main story missing in Final Fantasy XVI and begins after you get to Greatwood from Cid’s Hideaway.

Escaping the Greatwood

Your first objective is getting through the Greatwood area in Final Fantasy XVI. Head on and jump down the ledge to face off against a pack of Worgens. All the Worgens in this encounter will be level 11. Worgens are not so challenging to deal with unless you let them gang up on you.

After defeating this Worgen pack, cross under the collapsed tree. A small scene shows three Worgens chased by a giant lizard from the north. Jump down and defeat the level 11 Vampire Thorns in Final Fantasy 16 that spawn here. Again, they are relatively easy to kill and defeat, so make short work of them.

There is a small gap in the tree in front of you. You need to squeeze through this gap and sit through the cutscene. After the cutscene, follow the path and jump from the small ledge.

Defeat Dragon Aevis

Here, you will come face to face with a level 11 Dragon Aevis in FFXVI. The dragon uses basic swipes and slashes. It can also bite you. Dragon Aevis can be stun locked for the majority of the fight. If you can land in many attacks, you will easily stagger Dragon Aevis. After half of the HP has been depleted, the Dragon will fly up and swing its tail at you.

After you defeat the Dragon Aevis in FF16, hurry along the small ledge and continue to the dead end. Here, Torgal will help find a small gap through the mountain wall. This also unlocks the new mechanic, Animal Instinct, in which players can ask Torgal to find a path.

Squeeze through the gap, and you will come face to face with a group of Worgens and Vampire Thorns. After defeating these enemies, use Animal Instinct to locate the path ahead and go straight to the first boss battle.

Defeat Fafnir of the North

In the giant bowl-like arena, you come face to face with the giant lizard you saw earlier, Fafnir of the North.

Fafnir in Final Fantasy 16 uses basic attacks you’d expect from a lizard. This lizard can use a powerful slam from its left claw. Fafnir can also sweep its head to hit you. Fafnir’s most significant attack is when it jumps up, rolls into a ball, and free-falls on you.

After you have depleted half of Fafnir’s health in FFXVI, Fafnir will roll into a ball and start going around the entire arena. Use this to heal yourself or anything you might need to do, and just keep avoiding the attacks until Fafnir finally decides to uncoil and slam down on you.

From here, repeat how it was before, dodge Fafnir’s attacks, and keep attacking its head until you kill it.

Road to North

From here on, squeeze through the small gap in the arena wall and progress north. Follow the path, and you will come to face Level 11 Hornets. This is your first encounter with flying enemies in the game. To defeat them, jump up and start swinging your blade.

You will kill off these pesky hornets. Flying enemies are generally weak in Final Fantasy, so a single combo in the air will eliminate the hornets.

Right next to the hornets is a group of Vampire Thorns, and if you follow the small stream upwards, you can also find a pack of Worgens along with a Level 11 Dragon Aevis.

After defeating the Worgen pack and Dragon Aevis in FFXVI, crawl through the small space and get through the cutscene. After the cutscene, you will find yourself fighting three level 12 enemies, two Royal Soldiers, and the boss, Midnight Ravens.

Defeat Midnight Raven

Midnight Raven in Final Fantasy 16 is quite sturdy, armored, and can also power through your attacks. You will also be introduced to the Cinematic Clash mechanic in your fight with Midnight Raven. Players must press square to fend off attacks, or they will take heavy damage.

Midnight Raven comes with basic sword attacks and only uses the stronger attacks during Cinematic Clashes. Your best bet to take out Midnight Raven is to keep staggering him and entering and winning the Cinematic Clashes to dish out massive damage.

Crossing into Orabelle Downs

With your first obelisk activated after defeating Midnight Raven, you can simply follow the path ahead of you after the cutscene to get to the end of the Fanning Embers mission in Final Fantasy XVI.  

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