How To Get Stone Tongue In Final Fantasy 16

Stone Tongue is a unique crafting material that is used to craft Ouroboros, the best belt in Final Fantasy 16.

The Stone Tongue is a unique material that can be obtained by killing a certain Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16. This beast will happen to be known as the Agni and to procure the stone tongue you need to hunt it down and kill it.

Now you will want to get your hands on the Stone Tongue because it is one of the materials that you will require to craft the best belt in Final Fantasy 16. This item is known as the Ouroboros, and it will strengthen your defenses.

So if you are interested in acquiring the Stone Tongue and are looking forward to crafting that belt, then we have got you covered with its location in this Final Fantasy 16 guide.

Stone Tongue location in Final Fantasy 16

Where to find Stone Tongue location in FF16

Before approaching the Agni you also need to know that it will be on Level 40 and is considered as an A-rank enemy boss. Hence, the only way you will unlock this hunt is by accomplishing a main scenario quest first in FF16.  The name of this particular quest will be The Last King.

So after you are done with it you can select the order by accepting it on the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16. Then you can venture towards the north side of The Edge of Infinity in search of the Agni.

The location of this mini-enemy boss will pop up on your map in the Kingdom of Waloed, above the edge of Infinity, and into the central Ash deadlands.

How to defeat Agni

Upon approaching the marked area on your map, the Agni will jump out of his lair to confront you in FF16. This enemy boss will have the appearance of a giant mutated lizard and you will also observe spikes around its body as well.

So you will have to engage in hunting this enemy boss. However, you need to watch out for its attacks as well. The Agni will begin by attacking you at close range and it will do so by slashing you with its huge claws. This attack will come in turns as this enemy boss will swing one of its arms and then continue the attack by swinging the second arm simultaneously as well to attack you twice.

After this attack, the Agni will jump into the air, curl up into a huge boulder and then proceed to roll in your direction in Final Fantasy 16. This attack may seem simple, and you need to dodge it as taking it head-on will result in you losing hp. So to counter this attack, lure the Agni into performing that rolling attack towards you whilst you have your back against the wall This way when you dodge its attack the enemy boss will collide with the wall.

You can also make use of your attacks to stagger this mini-enemy boss with attacks such as Will O’ The Wykes, Eikonic Strike, Eikonic Vulnerability, Eikonic Punishment, etc. to deliver massive hits on this beast.

Once the Agni gets back up, he will use a long-range attack at you as well. This time it will be the beam of fire, so simply evade them and rotate your strike in a circular position around this enemy boss in FF16.

So keep repeating this attack pattern and bit by it you will be able to lower the Agni health until you reach the point where you will finally slay this Notorious Mark and complete the hunt.

That being said after you are successful in slaying this enemy boss you will receive the bounty for hunting the Agni along with its spoils which will include the Stone Tongue in Final Fantasy 16.

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