Final Fantasy 16 The Last King Walkthrough

The Last King quest in Final Fantasy 16 has you finally dealing with the king of Waloed, Barnabas and put an end to his reign.

At the end of a long journey, Clive enters the Tower of Reverie to complete the Footfalls in Ash main quest. The next main quest in Final Fantasy 16 is The Last King, in which you have to confront Barnabas, the Lord of Waloed and the Dominant of Odin.

The Last King quest in FF16 is quite long and tests the battle prowess of players along with their mental capacities to handle severe gameplay scenarios. But fret not, this guide is here to help you complete The Last King in Final Fantasy 16 and equip you with all the tactics to be victorious in all the subsequent battles.

Final Fantasy 16 The Last King

There are four main objectives associated with The Last King quest in Final Fantasy XVI.

  • Ascend the tower
  • Defeat the echoes
  • Ascend the tower
  • Slay Barnabas

Ascend the Tower

After passing through the main entrance in The Last King, you need to keep walking on the straight path to ascend the tower in Final Fantasy 16. The first encounter will be against a few white-colored Fallen Hunter enemies and a Defense Node. You will get +35 gil some amount of EXP at this step.

Defeat the echoes

After eliminating these enemies, make your way ahead by opening the magical door. Stand on the floor lift in the middle of the room, which will take you up to the upper floors of the tower, where a few purple Purobolos will be waiting just for you. Having done with these, open the door to reach the next bridge-like pathway.

At the end of this pathway is our next gateway, but it’ll be guarded by some Fallen guardians and Purobolos. Defeat them and proceed to open the door. This room consists of another floor lift that will take you further above the tower. The next bridge-like pathway has Fallen bugs that you can simply ignore at the moment. The real target is on the other side, the Purple Bavarois.

After a few attacks, this enemy becomes staggered. This will be your opportunity to eat a chunk of its HP. Other enemies will also come at you, which you can handle easily at this stage.

Ascend the Tower

It’s time to move forward from the door and get The Favor of Ice from the chest in Final Fantasy 16. After opening another door, go stand on the third lift to move further up in the tower. After defeating a couple of more Fallen enemies on the top, open the door to reach a much wider area with lots and lots of enemies.

Now, move to the fourth lift by opening another door finally to reach the area of the mini-boss, called the Soultaker. Make wise use of your offensive abilities to stagger this enemy and strike with the most powerful attacks when it is staggered. Just try to avoid getting hit with its Thunder attacks, and you are good to go.  

The spoils from Soultaker in FF16 are

  • Wyrrite
  • Meteorite

Ascend the next long pathway as indicated by arrows on your screen. Next up, there is a bridge followed by another door on the other side. This room has another lift to take you up. Right in the middle of the ascension, the next boss in FF16, Control Node appears.

This one is stronger than previous nodes and will take more of your time to be eliminated. You need to dodge its Rolling Ball and Sweeping Laser attacks efficiently to survive the battle. You need to have a good grasp of the combat mechanics in FF16 to be successful in this fight.

Right when you finish the fight with the Control Node, a cutscene happens and another big enemy comes in front of you. This is none other than the Aurum Giant boss in Final Fantasy 16. This is an enhanced version of Iron Giant and similar attack patterns. Always watch out for its ranged laser attack to avoid facing any casualties.

The notable spoils from these two enemies are:

  • 2x Fallen Iron
  • 75x Wyrrite
  • 3,000 EXP
  • 80 Ability Points
  • 3,000 gil

There will be a long cutscene after the death of Aurum Giant. It’s time to continue ascending the path upward from The Crown. After opening the door on the other side, there will be another cutscene, leading you to the Chamber of Barnabas in FF16 and the final phase of The Last King quest.

How to defeat Barnabas, the Last King

After climbing the massive tower of Reverie, it’s time to deal with Barnabas once and for all. There are three phases in this breathtaking fight with Barnabas, with each phase tougher than the previous. He is literally the secondary antagonist of FF16, so it’s obvious that the game won’t go easy on you.

In the first phase, the boss will go easy on you and deploy all its attacks to take you down. Remember that even this relatively easy phase can be the end of you if it’s not played carefully. Some of its notable attacks include Slashing Combo, Wave of Darkness, and The Lord’s Measure. Make sure to familiarize yourself with all these moves in this battle phase, so that you can face them efficiently in the coming stages.

Continue fighting through the second phase and eating the HP of Barnabas. In the third phase, the boss’s normal health bar changes to a purple one, indicating pure darkness. This phase will have a few more moves too, including the Great Divine and All-wielder.

Finally, after defeating Barnabas, there will be a long emotional cutscene. With this, The Last King main quest in FF16 is completed. You can now proceed to the next main quest in FF16, Brotherhood.

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