Final Fantasy 16 Smooth Like Butler Walkthrough

The Smooth Like Butler quest has you track down two contacts for Rutherford in Final Fantasy 16. Here's how to find them and do the quest!

The Smooth Like Butler in Final Fantasy 16 is a quest that becomes available when you’re playing through Things Fall Apart. Once you have completed the Cloak and Dagger sub-quest, this one will become available.

This quest revolves around Lord Byron and one of his servants, Rutherford. His servant requests you to visit him at the Golden Stables at Martha’s Rest. You will be told to find his contacts who are lost.

This article will help you learn where you need to go and how you can complete the Smooth Like Butler quest in Final Fantasy 16.

How to start Smooth Like Butler in FF16 

In order to start a quest of Smooth Like Butler in Final Fantasy 16, you need to reach the Hideaway where you find the Clive’s Chamber. Enter and approach the table and Clive will read a letter. 

This letter is written by Rutherford in which he asks you to come to Martha’s Rest. By reading this letter, the Smooth Like Butler quest will start. 

How to complete Smooth Like Butler in FF16 

The Smooth Like Butler quest in Final Fantasy 16 is a short one that will have you travel to different places and defeat a few enemy soldiers. We have given the objectives below and what you need to do in each.

Reach Martha’s Rest 

Get to Martha’s Rest using fast travel from the world map. Once you reach there, go into the Golden Stables. Go upstairs where you will find Rutherford standing there. Have a conversation with him and you’ll find that two of his contacts are missing. He needs your help in finding them.

Find first contact in Dalimil Inn 

Make your way to Dailmil Inn and then head south in the town where you see the marker. During your journey, a cut scene will be played which you can enjoy. Once you reach the Inn, you will encounter five Bandits surrounding his first contact. 

Defeat the mutinous soldiers 

You have to bring down these 5 mutinous soldiers which will go down easily. Once you are successful in bringing all of them down, you will get 20x Steelsilk, 5x Magicked Ash, 29 Ability Points, 257 Gil, and 200 EXP.

Find the second contact in Northreach 

Another cut scene will play once the battle is over. Now make your way to Northreach and travel towards the east following the marker. Once you are there, you will find the second contact who will also be surrounded by bandits. 

Slay all these bandits and rescue this second contact. You will get 250 Gil, 29 Ability Points, 350 EXP, 1x Black Blood, 5x Magicked Ash, and 10x Bloody Hide. 

Go back to The Golden Stables 

Now as you would have successfully rescued both of Rutherford’s contacts, you need to return to Martha’s Rest. Go to the Golden Stable again to report to Rutherford. This concludes the Smooth Like Butler quest in Final Fantasy 16. 

Smooth Like Butler rewards in Final Fantasy 16 

Completing the Smooth Like Butler quest rewards you with:

  • 35 Renown
  • 1000 Gil
  • 900 EXP
  • 25x Bloody Hide
  • 25x Streelsilk
  • 1x The Breath of Light
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