Final Fantasy 16 Silver Linings Walkthrough

In Final Fantasy 16 Silver Linings quest, Gav needs your help to complete the gift for Edda's unborn child.

In Final Fantasy 16 Silver Linings quest, Gav needs your help to complete the gift for Edda’s unborn child. He needs the feather of the silver chocobo, which is rare, and he wants you to get it for him. You cannot attempt it until you are at the main quest named Back to Their Origin.

Once it has appeared, walk to the Ale Hall in Hideaway to talk to Gav. Accept to begin the Silver Linings side quest in FFXVI. These side quests are not related to the main story, but they are there to reward you with extra benefits.

How to complete Silver Linings in FF16

As your first objective, you need to go to Martha’s Rest, so open the map and fast-travel to Martha’s Rest in the Imperial Province of Rosaria. After setting foot at Martha’s Rest, speak with the traveler, standing beside the Chocobo.

After the conversation, walk ahead to speak with a merchant.

Search for the abandoned shack off Rhiannon’s Ride

Next, walk around to speak with a grocer. After talking to him, follow the marker to the abandoned shack. Save time by mounting on Chocobo in Final Fantasy 16 rather than walking.

If you come across a group of foes, it is better to ignore them because they are not part of the quest. Watch the cutscene at the shack and enter to pick up a feather. After watching another cutscene, fast-travel to Hideaway.

Deliver the silver chocobo feather to Gav

Follow the marker to Ale Hall and talk to Gav. Next, follow the marker to Infirmary to speak with Edda to complete the Silver Linings quest in FF16.

Silver Linings rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Watch another cutscene, and you will get the following items as rewards:

  • 1 Winter Mead
  • 5,600 EXP
  • 30 Renown
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