Where To Find Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) Location In Final Fantasy 16

In the Ruin Reawakened hunt challenge, you need to defeat a mighty dragon called Svarog in Final Fantasy 16.

Ruin Reawakened is one of those hunting challenges in which you will have to find clues and then hunt the Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16. This time around it will be the Svarog, and it will be considered an S-rank mini-enemy boss in the game.

What makes this challenging is that there is no specific location info for you to learn, so you will have to figure that part out yourself.

Furthermore, the Notorious Mark you will be tasked with slaying is no easy task as it will be at level 50, so make sure to take some supplies like the Last Elixir before you engage in this boss fight.

Moreover, there are certain prerequisites that you need to complete beforehand. You need to complete a particular main quest which will be known as Thing Fall Apart. Once you complete this you will be eligible to compete in the Ruin Reawakened Hunt.

As part of this hunt, you will be tasked with defeating Svarog who as it turns out is a powerful dragon and also a Notorious Mark. So in this guide, we provided all the details pertaining to completing the Ruins Reawakened Hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

Ruin Reawakened, Svarog location in Final Fantasy 16

So you can start by teleporting yourself directly to  Obelisk. This way you will reach the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate. After that, you will need to summon your Chocobo and take the pathway on your right-hand side through the forest in Final Fantasy 16.

You will eventually come across a small dirt track that will lead you further down the forest and also through a canyon-like area. This way you will know that you are on the right track and moving through that area you will reach Mornebrume.

This will be the place where you will find the Hunt Board notorious mark. Moreover, this specific notorious mark will be related to Svarog, Ruin Reawakened in Final Fantasy 16.

So once you reach the marked destination, a cut scene will ensue in which this giant dragon will make its entry. So now you will have to engage the S-Tier Svarog in the boss fight in FF 16.

How to defeat Svarog in Final Fantasy 16

Svarog is a formidable enemy and will use fire magic attacks on you during this boss fight. The thing that makes these attacks more deadlier is their massive attack range. So before engaging this massive fire-breathing dragon, you should study its attack pattern in Final Fantasy 16.  

This Ruin  Reawakened will resort to using three deadly attacks at you in constant progression throughout your fight. These include:

Blazing Legion

This is practically going to be Svarog first attack in which he will use the surrounding area to his benefit by casting large balls on fire. These will limit your movement as the enemy boss will be shooting a deadly laser attack on you. Moreover, if you come in contact with any of these fiery balls you will lose Hp in FF16.

So the only way to avoid this attack is by using the open space on the sides, to your benefit and keep evading the laser attacks as much as possible.

Red Dawn

During this attack, Svarog will hit you with those laser attacks but this time around he will also summon an attack on you which will cause the land you are standing on to explode continuously.

These fiery eruptions will come in pairs and these will deplete your Hp really fast if you get caught in any one of them. So keep the evasion strategy up and dodge sideways to avoid getting caught in this attack in FF16.


Once Svarog health reaches fifty percent he will resort to using the Embroil attack on you. This attack is reminiscent of a meteor strike as you will see a large ball of fire converging on your location.

Moreover, when this ball hits the surface it will emit a large ring of fire all around it covering a large radius in Final Fantasy 16. So when you see this attack comes towards you run in the opposite direction or move sideways and maintain your distance from it.

This way you won’t be affected by this attack, and you can then work on the counter strategy to inflict close-range damage on Svarog. However, this vicious dragon can also do crazy melee damage by swinging its wings wildly in a circular manner at close range as well.

So your play here should be to aim for its mid-section and keep your powerful attacks such as Eikonic Strike etc. coming. Bit by bit you will be able to weaken this enemy boss and eventually, you will be able to take down this Ruin Reawakened in Final Fantasy 16.

Rewards for completing Ruin Reawakened, Svarog in FF16

So if you are on your first playthrough while fighting this enemy boss then you will end up receiving the following rewards:

  • 25000 XP
  • 300 AP
  • 300000 gil
  • 60 Renown
  • 1x (Orichalcum) crafting material
  • 1x Fallen Enigma,
  • 1x Amber
  • 1x Empty Shard
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