Final Fantasy 16 Priceless Walkthrough

Priceless is a side quest in Final Fantasy 16 that can simply be started by reading a letter by Jill in the Hideaway.

Priceless is a side quest in Final Fantasy 16 that can be started by reading a letter in the Hideaway instead of searching for a character and speaking with him. The quest is based on Jill, who is sad after losing Shiva, and Joshua can’t see him in this condition.

Therefore, Joshua leaves a letter for Clive and asks him to help so they can do something good for Jill. This sidequest, therefore, is a simple one based on friendship. However, the name Priceless doesn’t mean it offers no reward in FF16. There’s no need to panic. Here’s a complete guide about everything you need to know about Priceless.

How to complete Priceless in FF16

To begin this quest, you must complete the “Where There’s Will” quest, head towards Clive’s Chamber in the Hideaway, and read Joshua’s Letter on a reading table. After the Priceless in FFXVI begins, you first need to interact with Joshua to interrogate him about the letter you’ve found.

Make for Mann’s Hill

Joshua is located near Boarding Desk, and after interacting with him, you need to use Hawk’s Cry Cliff Obelisk to go to Mann’s Hill.

Reaching there, a cutscene will occur, after which you must rush back to the Hideaway’s Backyard. Here, speak with Fredrica, a Botanist, who will direct you toward Royal Meadows, which you can quickly reach using Northreach Obelisk in Final Fantasy 16.

Slay the creatures

Now is the time for some enemy fights. Initially, you’ll encounter some Worgens and Dragonnets following a mini-boss fight with a giant Minotaur. Use different abilities to defeat it. You can Wicked Wheel it, making it stunning, and launch all your powerful attacks.

However, this boss fight in FF16 isn’t the last thing in the Priceless side quest. After 50% health of the Minotaur, you will encounter another layer of enemies. 

Return to the Hideaway and speak with Jill

Kill these enemies and the Minotaur with Joshua’s help and speak with Jill in his chamber to complete the quest.

Priceless quest rewards in Final Fantasy 16

The rewards for the side quest Priceless include:

  • 7200 EXP
  • 40 Renown
  • 1 Shiva’s Kiss
  • Snow Daisy Garland
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