Final Fantasy 16 Where There’s A Will Walkthrough

In the "Where There's a Will" side quest, a will of your late father has been discovered in Final Fantasy 16.

“Where There’s a Will” is a side quest that you start after taking on the main quest, Back to Their Origins, in Final Fantasy 16. Speak with Joshua near the boarding deck list in Hideaway to know that the will of their father has seemingly been found among the ruins.

You and Joshua need to head for Tabor to learn more about the will. If you accept to join Joshua, the side quest will begin.

How to complete Where There’s a Will in FF16

When the quest is started, your first task is to go to Tabor and meet Cyril, you can fast travel to Tabor on the map and then look for the bearer. He will be in a room.

Talk to Cyril in Tabor

When you talk to him, he will hand you the will. The will tells Joshua and Clive that they need to stay strong and unite all of Rosaria to fight the Blight. He had tried his best but now he has entrusted them both to continue his work where he left off.

The Bearer will then explain the plans he has written about in the will. He says that Clive’s father wanted to free the Bearers and make them equal to the common citizen.

Other than that he wanted to build universities and Hospices to teach non-magical technologies and help the ones infected by the Blight respectively.

Archduke Elvin thought it was not possible in his lifetime but it was achievable if his sons take up the task. Cyril also tells that only one companion is alive and you can meet her to carry on your father’s work.

Many of the other duke’s companions have died because of the Duchess’ wrath. Cyril says that you can meet her to find out the plans intended by their father because he was only entrusted to find and hand out the will to the one who is capable of executing it.

Speak with Lady Goditha

Now move towards the archives which are to the right of the room, up the stairs, and in the room in front. She will be standing near the doorway.

When you start the conversation, she will tell you that your father had made matching armbands for both of you as keepsakes when you grow up. These keepsakes are a tradition in Roserian culture.

But these armbands could not be completed and he had died before finishing up the work of the bands. Now they are incomplete. They require the heartstones to complete them.

When you ask about the heartstones, she tells that they can be found in the bellies of Elder Griffins. One beast is just nearby in Titan’s Wake. This is the same beast that Archduke Elwin was to kill and harvest the heartstone.

Defeat the Elder Griffin

Now your next Where There’s a Will objective will be to slay the beast in Final Fantasy 16. You can do that by fast traveling to The Gilded Path. From there you will need to move eastward and you will find the beast.

Elder Griffin location in Where There's A Will in Final Fantasy 16

Mount on your Chocobo to dodge the enemies in the way and save time in traveling to the beast. It has a lot of health and deals damage by flying up and then landing toward you to deal damage.

One of its attacks is the Kingslayer in which it will go up and then speed down to deal heavy damage. Be careful when it starts this attack and dodge at the right time to be safe.

The witch slayer is another heavy attack that deals a lot of damage. When the beast is defeated you will get the heartstones.

Return to Goditha and give her the heartstones

Now you have to return back to Goditha and give her the heartstones. When you give them to her, she will thank you and have them cut and inserted in the armbands as soon as possible.

When completed she will bring them back to you. After that, she will tell you that she had been told by the archduke about the bands and saved them before the duchess could take them.

She had also run away when the duchess was about to betray Duke Elwin and took the incomplete armbands. When she came here she tracked the Griffin and waited for it to die to recover the Heartstones.

Later when Cyril told about the will and about Clive and Joshua, she was happy that the will could be completed at last.

Move out of the Requietory and talk to Cyril

Your next task is to move out of the Requietory. Outside, you will find Cyril. He will appreciate you both for the bands and tell you that your father would always want you two to have the bands and stay together. He will ask you to visit the memorial of Duke Elwin which is on Hawk’s Cry Cliff.

Visit Duke Elwin’s Tomb

You will need to travel to Hawk’s Cry Cliff. Fast travel to it from the map. When you reach there, the tomb is far away from the landing site and you will need to mount on your chocobo to get there.

When you reach the tomb, you will pay your respects and then come back. Joshua will borrow the helmet and both will walk away from the tomb. This is where the side quest will end.

Where There’s a Will rewards in Final Fantasy 16

When you have completed this side quest by paying your respects to your father’s tomb, you will be rewarded as follows.

  • 7200 EXP
  • 40 Gil
  • 1x Rusted Battlehelm

You will also be rewarded when you slay the Elder Griffin. It will drop the following items

  • 600 EXP
  • 100 Ability points
  • 400 Gil
  • 2x Heartstones
  • 16x Wyrrite
  • 16x Sharp Fang
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