How To Make Money Fast In Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, making money(Gil) is as important as it is in any other game to make some essential purchases.

In Final Fantasy 16, making money(Gil) is as important as it is in any other game to make some essential purchases. As you start your FF16 journey as Clive to take revenge for your brother, you’ll face many enemies. To survive in this world of hardships, you must craft items like Potions to help you heal.

All these items can only be purchased if you have a lot of money. In this guide, we are pointing out ways to help you quickly make a lot of money in FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 how to make money fast

Money is one of the critical components that leads you to success, as you can buy items that will aid you. Finding such items is pretty hard, and the trouble increases further when you don’t have enough money to buy them.

Thus, you should always have enough reserves of money in FF16. Here are some of the ways that can quickly earn you money.

Complete side quests

Final Fantasy 16 has almost 76 side quests which you can identify by green circular icons on your map. Some of these symbols have a plus in between a circle. This shows that they offer extraordinary rewards.

As you complete all the side quests, they give you several rewards. Although rewards differ for different quests, Gil is a permanent reward for all these side quests. Also, Renown you get from these side quests can be exchanged.

Visiting Patron’s Whisper, you can get donations instead of these Renowns. Therefore, side quests are a very efficient way to make much money faster in FF16.

Complete Hunt Board tasks

This is the best method for you to make a lot of money. Valesthia has a lot of deadly monsters. On the hunting board, you are tasked by different flyers to kill these monsters.

As you defeat each monster, you get a lot of Ability Points and money as a reward. The money you get here is triple what you get from any other method. However, this is the hardest yet fastest way, as Monsters have a lot of potential to knock you down; therefore, be fully prepared for combat.

Sell items

In Final Fantasy 16, you may get the exact item repeatedly as a reward for defeating different monsters or completing side quests. These items you have in excess, which are useless, can also help you make money.

To do so, travel to the Hideaway and head into the Charon’s Toll. This is where you can sell these items. However, be careful when selling these items, as the items for defeating Eikons are rare, so don’t end up selling anything that you later regret.

One Man’s Treasure100000
Fallen Enigma5000
Empty Shard1600
Goblin Coin800
Black Blood400
Gil Bug200

Apart from selling these items directly, there are various weapons you can craft using these items. These weapons are even more valuable. Though most of them are required in the later game, the weaker ones crafted with items easily found across Valeshtia can be sold to get Gil in Final Fantasy 16.

Sell Goblin Coins

Various enemies in Valesthia, including Bluebirds and Hyenas, drop Goblin Coins, which you can sell to get money. Each piece of these coins sold gets you around 800 Gil, a good amount.

Bluebird spawns in Martha’s Rest and Northreach Area; however, you must travel to Ravenwit Walls to find Hyenas. Once you have defeated these enemies, you can respawn them and repeat the same process simply by visiting the nearest Obelisk in FF16.

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