Final Fantasy 16 Louder Than Words Walkthrough

The Final Fantasy 16 quest named Louder Than words has you explore an area, chase a soldier and defeat a boss. Here's how to do it!

Louder than Words is the 7th main quest in Final Fantasy 16 that is unlocked right after completing the Fanning Embers quest. This quest starts automatically when you travel to Orabelle Downs.

It is recommended to reach Level 13 before attempting this quest. You’ll also be accompanied by your companion Cid on this quest. This is how you can complete the Lounder than Words quest in the game.

How to complete Louder Than Words in FF16 

Reach Lostwing 

Your first task is to reach Lostwing in FFXVI, an abandoned village in the woods. To reach there, simply follow the marker on your map. Along your way, you will encounter a group of 5 enemies. You can make quick work of them since they are fairly weak.  

You can also ignore them and run straight for the objective. However, you won’t get any XP from this approach. 

Explore Lostwing 

Once you enter Lostwing, you will find a child who is crying. Approaching her will trigger a cutscene. After talking to her, the marker on the map will lead you to the town church. 

Pursue the Fleeing Soldier 

Your next objective is to follow a fleeing soldier. He will lead you to a forest camp where you have to defeat a couple of enemies.  

Defeat Chirada 

As is the staple of many RPGs, the quest’s final objective is usually a boss fight. Such is also the case here as you’ll have to fight the FFXVI boss Chirada. It is a winged creature that uses melee attacks. This boss has a fixed attack pattern, so pay close attention to the order of its moves.

Most of the attacks have a considerable startup which means you can avoid them easily by dodging them.  

One of its attacks involves three green orbs that spawn around the boss radially. These orbs explode after some time so make sure to keep your distance while these are up.

Louder than Words rewards in Final Fantasy 16 

There are no tangible rewards for completing this quest. However, it plays a huge part in the development of the main story for FF16.  

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