Should You Choose Jill Or Tarja In Final Fantasy 16

During Letting off Steam III quest in Final Fantasy 16, Clive has to pick a companion with him, and the available choice is Jill and Tarja.

Clive’s community is getting short on some supplies, and the main theme for the “Letting Off Steam III” sub-quest involves Clive visiting the market near the Northreach area to buy them. On his journey in Final Fantasy 16, Clive has to pick a companion with him, and the available choice is Jill and Tarja.

The choice merely depends on you involving a cut scene to increase the screen time for the chosen character in FFXVI.

Letting Off Steam III choice consequences on the main story

Similar to the “Letting Off Steam I” sub-quest, where you have to choose Gav or Otto for Clive, in “Letting Off Steam III,” here, you have to either choose Jill or Tarja to accompany Clive in buying the Garlic and Pepio Niuts from the market in FF16.

With your decision, the game’s main storyline will have no significant impact. This choice will only provide a cut scene having a chit-chat between Clive and the chosen partner at the end of the sub-quest.

Whom to choose between Jill and Tarja

Letting Off Steam III quest in FF16 starts with Clive, Jill, and Tarja standing around the Harpocrate. Here the Harpocrate asks Clive whether he has made his decision about his companion for the little excursion. On the journey to restore the supplies, choosing either Jill or Tarja for Clive will not disturb your main story in Final Fantasy 16.

The choice is merely a personal preference, having some dialogues of either Jill or Tarja associated with Clive at the end. Keeping the past events of Final Fantasy XVI in mind, Jill seems to be the better option here because of the past romantic relationship, as having a romantic chat with Tarja makes no sense. But once again, it’s your choice with whom you want to see Clive in the cut scene.

What happens if you choose Jill in Final Fantasy 16

Well, independent of your choice in FFXVI, the quest will continue the same way. If you choose Jill, then she will have a little chat with the Harpocrate. Followed by that, both Clive and Jill will visit the Northreach Market. After getting the supplies, Jill will ask Clive to have a walk with her.

This will start the cut scene where Jill and Clive can be seen standing by a lake. Here they will discuss their childhood past and how they used to spend their time. Both of them will share a brief romantic moment.

What happens if you choose Tarja in Final Fantasy 16

If Tarja happens to be your choice, there is nothing much different. First, she will have a chat with the Harpocrate. Similar to Jill, Clive and Tarja will visit the Northreach market. After buying the required supplies, Tarja will ask Clive to chat quickly.

The cut scene will start involving Clive and Tarja standing by the lake. Tarja will start remembering the past when she came to the same market with Cid five years back. Followed by that, Clive will also thank Tarja for all her services for the hideaway.

This will mark the Letting Off Steam III quest complete in FF16.

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