Should You Choose Gav Or Otto In Final Fantasy 16

Gav and Otto are two choices or companions in Final Fantasy 16 Letting off Steam I side quest and Blackthorne ask you to pick one of them.

The Blackthorne in Hideaway is short on Stardust, for which he tasks Clive to collect it. He further provides him with a choice to choose a companion assistant for the journey. Gav and Otto are two choices in Final Fantasy 16 Letting off Steam I.

Any of them can be picked based on your preference because this choice will not significantly impact the main story. Clive and the chosen character will briefly chit-chat at the quest’s end.

Letting Off Steam I choice consequences on the main story

If you are also worried about making a wrong choice in the “Letting Off Steam I” sub-quest, just relax because picking up either Gav or Otto will not affect the Final Fantasy 16 main storyline.

The choice is a formality that allows Clive to have a companion while on the mission of collecting the Stardust. The main difference between both choices is the ending cut scene where Clive shares the screen with the selected companion to chat briefly.

Whom to choose between Gav and Otto

The first objective of the “Letting Off Steam I” sub-quest is to talk with Blackthorne. Gav and Otto are also standing beside him. Blackthorne asks Clive to collect Stardust for him. Additionally, he also urges Clive to pick a companion for the journey.

Well, here you can pick Gav or Otto from the choice in FFXVI. As discussed earlier, it’s just your preference and has nothing to do with the game’s story. Irrespective of the option, the quest will end the same way.

However, considering the previous journey of Clive in Final Fantasy XVI, Gav seems to be the preferable option here. In contrast, choosing Otto will continue the quest in the same fashion. The only difference between both choices is the final cut scene, where either will chat briefly with Clive.

What happens if you choose Gav in Final Fantasy 16

If you pick Gav from the choice, he will step forward and briefly chat with the Blackthorne. Upon inquiring, he instructs Gav to visit the area near the river in the South of the Velkroy to find the Stardust. This area is located in The Dhalmekian Republic region of the map.

After collecting the Stardust, Gav asks Clive to chat in FF16. This starts the cut scene where they both stand near the river bank. Gav discusses his thoughts about Clive after Cid’s death. He thanks Clive for providing him with a safe place (hideaway) to live.

What happens if you choose Otto in Final Fantasy 16

Well, if the choice happens to be Otto, the initials of the quest are the same. Otto will talk to Blackthorne about where they can find the Stardust. Then, Clive and Otto start their journey to collect the Stardust.

After collecting the required amount of Stardust, Otto will ask Clive to have a walk in FF16. Followed by that, they both can be seen standing beside the river bank in a cut scene. Otto shares memories and appreciates Clive for taking on the Cid’s place and improving the rabble of the hopeless outcasts.

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