Final Fantasy 16 Grimalkin Notorious Mark Hunt

One of the hunts that you get from the Hunts Board in Final Fantasy 16 during Out of the Shadow main quest is Grimalkin.

One of the hunts that you get from the Hunts Board in Final Fantasy 16 during Out of the Shadow main quest is Grimalkin. The Grimalkin is a Tiger-like creature that resides on a dead-end road. Grimalkin is a C Rank Bounty Hunt monster, one of the most dangerous hostile creatures, but it can be trounced.

Tracking him is tricky as you are not provided with the exact location. This guide will help you find and defeat Grimalkin in FF16.

Grimalkin location in Final Fantasy 16

The creature Grimalkin is living in the Cattery in the Dhalmekian region. It is located east of the Jaw. You can get to the location by first reaching Sickle and then passing through the south gate of Dhalimil. After that, head towards the south, a long ride, so using a Chocobo is a good option. Your target Mark will be on a cliff at the end of a dead-end road.

How to defeat Grimalkin in FF16

Once you reach the mark location, you will see Grimalkin standing on a cliff. Defeating it is not difficult, but it is not alone. You have to defeat his allies, Wild Nakkas, who will be swarming upon you in large numbers in four waves. They are weak and can be eliminated using crowd control and AoE abilities.

Grimalkin in Final Fantasy 16 will jump off the cliff to begin the Notorious Mark battle as soon as they are defeated. It is a swift and alert enemy who fights aggressively. It uses physical attacks of kicking, Claw Swaps, and Bites in short bursts.

Sometimes Grimalkin will use combos, so you need to notice the gap in its missed attacks. Read its patterns and use Parry to attack him several times in the gap areas. You can also use Eikon Abilities in FF16 to tackle Grimalkin.

When its health is below half, it will unleash its most lethal attack, which is savage, using a combination of different attacks like swipes and bites aggressively. This can be dealt with by dodging and using Titanic Blocks and then stun him several times. It is all a matter of timing, and you can defeat Grimalkin quickly.


You will get a Grimalkin Hide as a drop used in crafting Excalibur in FF16. You will also be rewarded with 500 XP, 45 Ability Points, 6,100 Gil, and 10 Renown points.

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