Final Fantasy 16 Flight Of The Fledgling Walkthrough

Flight of the Fledgling is the third main quest of the Final Fantasy 16 prologue section during the flashback sequence....

Flight of the Fledgling is the third main quest of the Final Fantasy 16 prologue section during the flashback sequence. This quest starts right after completing the Lost in a Fog main quest. Both quests are interconnected with a short cutscene that marks the triumphant arrival of Clive and his party at Phoenix Gate after defeating Gigas and Morbol in Stillwind Marshes.

A party is held in honor of Prince Clive’s success against formidable foes. This cutscene further explains the story of Dominants and the power of crystals before Flight of Fledgling in Final Fantasy XVI can start properly.

Final Fantasy 16 Flight of the Fledgling walkthrough

Both Clive and Joshua start having doubts about the roles they have been assigned by the Monarchs. This little cutscene shows the unbreakable bond between two brothers. The cutscene transitions to the next one which shows that Rosaria has been infiltrated by Imperial soldiers.

In the next section, you play as Joshua, the next heir to the throne. Players are tasked with following Sir Wade to guide Joshua to safety. Joshua is a magic caster who can manipulate fire at will. Follow Wade through the castle until you reach the burning hallway. Take down armored interlopers using Joshua’s fire abilities, thanks to him being Phoenix’s Dominant in FFXVI.

As Joshua is a temporary player, experience points earned by him can’t be used to upgrade his character level. Pass through the kitchen to take down two Imperial Legionnaires. Keep going forward and defeat any enemies in your path using fire attacks.

A new cutscene begins that shows the healing powers possessed by little Joshua by saving another Shield from imminent death. Clive finally joins the battle alongside his father and teacher. Fight as Joshua to defeat the Iron Kingdom soldiers in the great hall. This fight in FFXVI earns Clive 8 experience points. Keep going further inside the castle to find more enemies to defeat.

Collect two potions from the next area and take the Imperial Captain with his goons in the courtyard. This is an easy fight and is immediately followed by a boss fight against Knight of the Blinding Dawn

How to defeat Knight of the Blinding Dawn in Final Fantasy XVI

Knight of the Blinding Dawn in Flight of the Fledgling quest is the third main boss fight in Final Fantasy XVI and is a difficult one to handle.

Final Fantasy 16 Flight of the Fledgling

Being an Imperial Dragoon, Knight of the Blinding Dawn in FFXVI makes use of a long-range spear to deal damage. He jumps into the air and slams down on the ground with his spear. His arrival is always marked by a glowing light which can be avoided by either running away or dodging at the very last second.

Knight of the Blinding Dawn is extremely agile and avoids a lot of incoming attacks easily. He also uses dropkicks which can only be evaded by using Precision Dodge. Look out for Knight’s hurricane attacks as they are extremely dangerous too.

Halfway through the fight, you will get a prompt for a Cinematic Attack to deal further damage to the Knight. Knight of Blinding Dawn goes into hyperdrive mode and adds new attacks to his arsenal.

Just keep using Precision Dodge to avoid any and all attacks while inflicting stagger upon your enemy. Defeat Knight of the Blinding Dawn in FFXVI by repeating the strategy. The reward for this boss battle is 63 experience points.

Once the Knight boss has been defeated, another cutscene begins and you will have to fight the Eikon of Fire as Joshua, who has transformed into the Phoenix. This is the exact same fight with which Final Fantasy 16 actually starts.

How to defeat Eikon of Fire in Final Fantasy XVI

After a couple of cutscenes following the boss battle, the battle between the two Eikons ensues. Players get to control Phoenix (Joshua) against the Eikon of Fire. This is more like an on-rails battle where players must put the reticle on the Eikon of Fire and hit it with fireballs.

Final Fantasy 16 Flight of the Fledgling

Press R1 to evade any incoming attacks. This is an extremely straightforward fight that doesn’t require much precision or battle knowledge. The fight ends with Phoenix being destroyed by the second Eikon of Fire. This also marks the end of Flight of the Fledgling main quest. Clive’s nightmare ends and he wakes up amongst his Bastards brethren, starting A Chance Encounter quest.

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