Final Fantasy 16 Lost In A Fog Walkthrough

Lost in a Fog main quest in Final Fantasy 16 starts once players enter Stillwind Marshland to inspect reports of goblin sightings in the..

Lost in a Fog is the second main quest in Final Fantasy 16 and a part of the flashback sequence during the prologue. This quest starts right after completing Sunrise, Sunset main quest which basically just serves as the combat tutorial.

On his father’s orders, Clive journeys to Stillwind Marshland to take down hordes of goblins along with his two aides, Sir Tyler and Sir Wade. Final Fantasy XVI Lost in a Fog main quest starts as soon as Clive and his companions set foot in Stillwind Forest. This quest also serves as a first proper introduction to fight against enemies (not a tutorial).

Final Fantasy 16 Lost in a Fog walkthrough

From the starting point, keep going straight while Clive’s companions make a note of blight infestation in the area. You can use Clive’s animal instinct to locate the path to your objective. Interact with the shining object near the rock to obtain 2 gil. Turn back and crawl under the fallen tree log marked with white paint.

This will start a new cutscene in FFXVI during which Clive and his aides come across a few pillaging goblins. These goblins turn hostile toward the party as soon as they spot them. This is a level 5 fight which is on par with Clive and party’s level.

Players will learn a couple more tricks during this combat sequence as taking down this group of goblins is a piece of cake. This fight rewards players with 6 experience points.

Turn right and pass through a broken gate, also marked white. Keep following the path marked by broken logs until you reach the Drowned Village ruins. There is a party of 7 goblin muggers in this area, with level 5 each.

Final Fantasy 16 Lost in a Fog

Press Triangle immediately after Square to unleash a powerful attack. This horde also goes down in no time. The reward for this battle in FFXVI is 14 experience points.

Remove the fractured barricade by pressing R2 to move forward. Interact with the glowing object to obtain a potion. Follow the glowing butterflies to find a ladder. Drop down to the next area to encounter the next horde of goblins.

This time FF16 introduces players to the Goblin Weaver, a ranged magician enemy. Take it down as fast as you can to stop it from casting spells upon the player’s party. The reward for this section is 18 skill points.

Press R2 to destroy the logs holding the bridge up and make your way to the next area. Obtain another potion from the ground. Jump across the gap to start a new cutscene.

The next area is swarmed with goblins including their leader. Take down all the minions to force the leader down the roof. Instead, it will summon a massive goblin (size of an ogre). This will start the first proper boss battle of Final Fantasy XVI, against Gigas.

How to defeat Gigas in Final Fantasy XVI

Gigas in FFXVI has a massive health pool and is a much higher-level foe as compared to the previous ones. Gigas attacks include random swings of its giant mace and charging toward the player.

Hit Gigas with everything you have learned so far to stagger it. Staggered enemies take twice the damage before they can recover. Use this opportunity to dish out as much damage as possible.

Final Fantasy 16 Lost in a Fog Gigas boss

Gigas will start using Giant Swing, during which it holds its mace outwards and swing through the whole arena. This move can only be evaded via Precision Dodge (R1 when almost hit). This move does a lot of damage to Clive’s health if he comes in contact.

Keep hitting Gigas until it is killed. This battle earns Clive 54 experience points in total and Hard Leather Armlets with 10 defense.

Follow the Goblin leader through a broken hut and obtain two potions from it. Keep following the leader until you reach the river. A cutscene starts and the goblin leader is swallowed whole by Morbol, a huge water creature.

How to defeat Morbol in Final Fantasy XVI

The FFXVI Morbol boss uses its tentacle-like arms to slam attack the players. It also attacks by swinging its tentacles inward. The easiest way to avoid any damage is to move toward the back of Morbol and attack it from there before it turns around.

Final Fantasy 16 Lost in a Fog Morbol boss

Avoid fighting from a distance as Morbol will summon tentacles from the water right beneath Clive’s feet. This attack can only be evaded with Precision Dodge.

A quarter-way through the fight, Morbol will disappear in the water and appear at a distance from the party. This will start another cutscene which allows Clive to land a Cinematic Strike upon Morbol’s head. This will stagger Morbol giving the party enough chance to take down half of its HP.

Morbol recovers with a ground slam that is an AoE attack. Move away to avoid any damage. Morbol once again disappears and this time it will jump to slam attack Clive. Use Cinematic Evasion in FFXVI to stagger the Morbol once more. Take down Morbol’s health to last 20%. This will make Morbol enter Wild Rage.

Use Precision Dodge to protect Clive from this devastating attack. Morbol’s defenses increase and it will start using Bad Breath and Poison Vomit attacks. Avoid these high-damage attacks while trying to deliver as much damage as you can.

This final stretch is also the most difficult part of the Morbol boss battle in Final Fantasy XVI. Slaying Morbol earns Clive 50 experience points. The end of this fight is followed by a cutscene which also marks the end of Lost in a Fog main quest in Final Fantasy 16 and starts Flight of the Fledgling.

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