Final Fantasy 16 EXP Farming Guide

For farming EXP in Final Fantasy 16, you must have the right gear and equipment. Equip accessories that increase the percentage of EXP gained.

If you want to be good at playing Final Fantasy 16 then you need to level up fast which you can do so by farming lots of EXP. This will ensure that you can take out all manner of enemies and bosses in the game. There are several ways through which you can farm experience in the game. Doing so will level you up, make you stronger, and allow you to use stronger abilities.

All of these will make the game easier and allow you to power through any and all challenges. Here’s you can you can farm EXP in FF16.

How to farm EXP in Final Fantasy 16

To farm EXP in Final Fantasy, you must note that the farming system in FF16 is divided into three categories: Early, Mid, and End game EXP Farming. During the early game, you can have a Final Fantasy accessory called Scholar’s Spectacles. It can provide a good boost to EXP accumulated during the game. However, you will only be able to access this accessory if you have pre-ordered the game.

During the mid-game, you can get On Fortune and the Heavens accessory. Using it, you will gain 15% additional EXP when you’re farming for it. Lastly, we have the Late game farming which grants you free EXP after defeating enemies in the Kingdom of Waloed in FF16.

Here are some of the best methods you can use to farm EXP in Final Fantasy 16:

Defeat different types of enemies

You will find several enemies in Final Fantasy 16 that net you a good number of EXP. When progressing through the main storyline, you will have to shift your focus to a lower class of enemies.

Since smaller enemies take less time to kill, you will have enough bodies to grant you enough EXP to level up fast. Elite and more powerful enemies take more time and effort to kill. This makes them less viable for farming.

Take part in quests

There are several side quests such as Rekindling The Flame that become available as you play through the main questline in Final Fantasy 16. Completing these grants you additional EXP which is enough to help you level up. The number of EXP you receive is pretty low per quest. But if you do enough of them, then you’ll be farming enough EXP in Final Fantasy 16 to level up quickly.

Play the Final Fantasy Mode

Consider playing in Final Fantasy Mode, which offers a higher level of difficulty but also rewards higher amounts of experience points. This mode provides an additional challenge while allowing for faster leveling up.

To increase the benefits, you can use accessories that possess identical names in the Final Fantasy Mode. For example, the On Fortune and the Heavens accessory can provide a boost of 15% to EXP gained.

Choose the right gear

To farm EXP in Final Fantasy 16, you must have the right gear and equipment. Equip accessories that increase the percentage of earned AP and XP, such as the “On Fortune and the Heavens” accessory obtained at Karen’s Toll.

If you have pre-ordered the game then you can make use of the “Scholar’s Spectacles” for an additional XP. In terms of abilities, prioritize those that can quickly dispatch groups of enemies, such as Ignition or Flames of Rebirth.

Understanding Level Limits

In Final Fantasy 16, there are level limits that determine the maximum achievable levels in different playthroughs. The level limit in the first playthrough is 50. This means that you can reach a maximum level of 50 before hitting the cap. However, in the New Game + mode the level limit is raised to level 100. So if you’ve hit the cap, you won’t be able to accumulate more EXP.

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