Final Fantasy 16 Bygul Notorious Mark Hunt Guide

Bygul in Final Fantasy 16 is a very aggressive saber-tooth tiger with deer horns on its head along with two long electrical whips.

Bygul in Final Fantasy 16 is a very aggressive saber-tooth tiger with deer horns on his head, along with two long electrical whips. You will unlock the hunt of this level 40 big cat during the Brotherhood main quest in FF16.

Bygul is a strong cat and can be extremely dangerous, especially in close encounters. But worry not, as our guide will brief you about Notorious Mark Bygul and how to defeat him in FF16.

Bygul location in Final Fantasy 16

You can find Bygul on the mainland of the Kingdom of Waloed in the west of the Kritten Hollow Region and the south of the Neverturn Forest. You can see the exact location on the map above.

How to defeat Bygul in FF16

Fighting Bygul in close-range combat is dangerous, as his electrical whips can strike you at a reasonable range. He will wing its whips, which will cause you to bounce when hit. His long whips also shoot electrical projectiles, which will cause critical damage if caught in one.

The Whipcrack is the most dangerous of his attacks, where he will summon electrical strikes on the ground. Getting caught in that will almost kill you. So you have to avoid it by noticing the highlighted spot before Bygul in Final Fantasy 16 releases it.

When he is about to be defeated, he will summon one massive electrical strike on the ground, which has a huge effect area. Avoid getting near him and trying to break his will. This will let you put Bygul to rest and give you valuable duration to attack him with critical blows. This will allow you to defeat Bygul quickly.


You will get the following rewards for completing this hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

  • 16000 Gil
  • 35 Renown
  • Coeurl Whisker x1
  • Meteorite x1
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