How To Get Black Embroidered Linen In Final Fantasy 16 

The Black Embroidered Linen is one of three options that you get in the side quest Cut from the Cloth in Final Fantasy 16.

The Black Embroidered Linen is a piece of cloth you will find in Final Fantasy 16. You can get this cloth from Hortense, the Keeper of the Stores as a reward. She can be interacted with during a side-quest Cut from the Cloth.

The Black Embroidered does not provide any cosmetic or power gains and it only alters the storyline near the very end. We will now see how to get the Black Embroidered Linen and what it does to the main storyline in FF16

How to get Black Embroidered Linen in Final Fantasy 16

The Black Embroidered Linen is one of three options that you get near the final dialogue of the side quest Cut from the Cloth. This side quest starts when your first talk to Hortense.

She will ask you to get two bolts of clothes. These will be knit into wearable clothes for two recently freed girls who were branded before. The bolts can be found at the shopkeeper in Northreach.

In Northreach, when you head towards the draper, talk to her and give her the handwritten receipt. She will tell you that the caravan did not arrive yet and it is late. You will need to look for the caravan as it might be that the caravan is overrun by bandits.

The caravan is located to the north of Caer Norvent fast travel point. Here you will need to interact with the caravan master. He has hit a merchant and he has threatened the caravan master to pay up for the damages and to enforce this, he has called the Killer.

After the Killer is dead you can then talk to the caravan master and travel with him back to Northreach. There the Draper will thank you and give you the bolts of clothes with a few fabrics on top as a gift for saving the shipment.

You have to now go back to Hideaway and meet Hortense. She will thank you for the bolts of cloth, be surprised at the gift of fabric in the shipment, and ask about your favorite. Here is where you will get the three options Back Embroidered Linen, White Continental silk, and Lush red Velvet to pick one. When you pick the black Embroidered, after a little conversation, the side quest will end.

What does the Black Embroidered Linen do in FF16?

The Black Embroidered Linen does not help you in any way in combat, like the other fabric choices. These are also not given to you as a reward when the side quest is completed but handed over to Jill, so you cannot access them in your inventory too.

Lastly, you cannot use it as a customization of your suit. The only place you will come across this fabric is near the final moments of Final Fantasy 16.

When you are about to go to the Origin. You will have a talk with Jill. After the conversation, you can talk to her again and she will give you the handkerchief with the piece of fabric on it.

This piece will be the one you have chosen in this side quest. The dialog will also change slightly according to the cloth piece you choose. The Black cloth means Eternity, white means Faith, and red means passion and she will say a few lines revolving around these traits.

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