Final Fantasy 15 PC Demo Is Coming Next Week To Give You A Sneak Peek

Next week, PC players that are interested in buying that version of Final Fantasy 15 will be able to download a Final Fantasy 15 PC demo in order to get a good feel for the game before its release. The demo will consist of the game’s first chapter, enough to get the plot going.

Chapter 1 mainly revolves around the players getting used to Noctis and his friends, along with the combat and world that you’ll be traveling through. Players will proceed from a road trip all the way to when the group gets the news that Insomnia, capital of the Kingdom of Lucis, has fallen to the Niflheim Empire.

While doing all of this, players can go about doing various small sidequests, which will involve hunting monsters that are a menace to the nearby town. But despite this slow start, Final Fantasy 15 will kick into high gear soon afterwards.

Along with the Final Fantasy 15 PC demo, numerous other additions are coming with the game. Players can explore an expanded view of the ruins of Insomnia, travel around the world of Eos in a boat, an archive of Eos’s various myths and legends, and every piece of DLC available so far.

While there’s no guarantee that console players will be able to get this same content in a later update, hopefully the possibility of a vastly expanded (and cheaper overall) purchase of the game on the PC will help to bring in more players.

If you’re not sure about whether or not you want to buy Final Fantasy 15 for the PC yet, the Final Fantasy 15 PC demo will hopefully be the deciding factor in whether or not you buy it or not. With such an expansive demo, hopefully Square Enix will start putting out more Final Fantasy games on the PC in the future, if the game gets good sales.

The demo will be releasing on February 26, before the actual game releases on the PC on March 6.