Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus Will Be Around Two Hours Long

Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus, the first DLC for Final Fantasy 15, will only be around two hours long, but will hopefully have awesome combat.

Now that Final Fantasy 15 has been out for around four months, Square Enix is almost ready to release its first DLC. Entitled Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus, the DLC’s story will focus around your party member Gladiolus during his brief absence from the party at one point in the game.

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Gladiolus serves mainly as the party’s heavy character, mainly using enormous, two-handed weapons that can do a high amount of damage and clear the area around you. He serves as one of the party’s main voices of reason, along with a mentor character to the main character Noctis. Apparently, the main reason it focuses on him is due to not being as popular as the other main characters.

While Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus doesn’t really have any real information about its story (such as what Gladiolus did while he was absent from the party), but producer Haruyoshi Sawatari says that it’s not the story that players will be taken with. Instead, it’s the combat system that will be what everyone likes.

According to Sawatari, the combat system this time will involve players having to strike a balance between offense and defense. By defending, you’ll be able to build up attack power, and by attacking you’ll be able to get more of the glaive arts that serve as special attacks in the main game.

While attacking and defending are also important parts in the main game, in Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus, you’ll be on your own, with none of the other players to support you, so you’ll have to be vigilant.

Episode Gladiolus will only be around two hours long, but if the gameplay really is the main reason you might want to play it again, Square Enix may get more success out of it than they thought they would. Episode Gladiolus will be releasing sometime this month for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of Final Fantasy 15.

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