Final Fantasy 15 PC Version May Be Coming In 2018, According To Rumors

A Final Fantasy 15 PC version may be coming in 2018 according to rumors around Square Enix, but is it actually happening in the future?

Final Fantasy 15, the latest iteration in Square Enix’s highly popular Final Fantasy franchise, just released a few days ago, but it seems like already a Final Fantasy 15 PC version may be coming at some point, according to rumors and speculation around Square Enix’s own plans for the game.

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Final Fantasy 15 has already gotten a lot of praise among console gamers for looking the best out of any Final Fantasy game so far, but the PC crowd is apparently a big enough audience that many players also want to be able to play the game without “sacrificing” any visual quality by keeping it on consoles. If a Final Fantasy 15 PC version is indeed coming, however, it wouldn’t be a unique thing.

Numerous other Final Fantasy games have wound up on Steam prior to now, with games ranging from Final Fantasy 3 to Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn and including some of the most popular Final Fantasy games like Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2, and the Lightning trilogy.

Many PC gamers would also hold the opinion that making a Final Fantasy 15 PC version would allow the game to run at its full potential, as opposed to the game being delayed initially because it didn’t work properly on consoles, with bad framerates and a number of graphical glitches. Whether these were actually caused by the game being on a console instead of a PC remain to be seen (and are probably wrong), but if Square Enix is looking for another avenue to put up Final Fantasy 15, especially since Final Fantasy 14 (the MMO that just had its next expansion announced several weeks ago) is still going strong.

Whether Square Enix actually makes a Final Fantasy 15 PC version still has to be officially announced by Square Enix, but if they do decide to do it we’ll likely hear about it sometime next year.

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