FIFA Ultimate Team Icons Give You Three Versions Of FIFA’s Greatest

FIFA Ultimate Team will be getting a bit of a change when FIFA 18 comes out with the FIFA Ultimate Team Icons mechanic. The mechanic will give players three different versions of multiple players at three different points in their careers, showing how their stats grew over their various football careers.

Each of the three different versions of these Ultimate Team players will have their own stats, meaning that you can pick them when they were in their prime or at any other point in their lives. There are going to be a variety of these sorts of players, including Pele, Lev Yashin, Thierry Henry, Diego Maradona, and Brazil’s Ronaldo.

However, a FIFA 18 livestream that happened today also unveiled a number of other players that will be FIFA Ultimate Team icons. These include players like Ronaldinho of Brazil, Ruud Gullit of the Netherlands, Roberto Carlos of Real Madrid, Jay Jay Okocha from the Premiere League, and many others.

FIFA Ultimate Team is a mode in the game that allows you to make your titular “Ultimate Team” from among some of the FIFA franchise’s greatest players, ranging from Cristiano Ronaldo to Pele to Lionel Messi. The addition of the Icons mechanic will give you even more players to work with, so that if you want to play with a younger version of Pele when he was in his prime, you can do that.

This is yet another bit of FIFA content that we’re going to be getting before the game releases on September 29, and with that date getting ever closer (now being just a little over two months away) there’ll hopefully be a lot more to come in the future.

You’ll be able to buy FIFA 18 and make use of the FIFA Ultimate Team Icons mechanic when the game comes out September 29 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. To see it in action, look further up the article at the video.

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