FIFA 18 FUT Ratings For Cristiano Ronaldo And Several Other Players Leaked

FIFA 18 is a few months away from launch and EA has been revealing new details about the game. EA has already revealed that FIFA 18 Ultimate Team will be revealed that the upcoming Gamescom 2017 and now FUT ratings for Cristiano Ronaldo and several other players have been leaked.

These leaked FUT ratings for FIFA 18 players come from Youtuber, W2S. The Youtuber shot a video of himself receiving an access pass from EA to play FIFA 18. While EA did not allow to record these sessions but, W2S took his chance and recorded it and managed to get several FUT pack openings on tape. Check Out the video below.

Speaking of player ratings in FUT, shortly after EA announced that Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star for the upcoming FIFA soccer fans demanded EA to downgrade Cristiano Ronaldo’s stats in the upcoming game claiming that he has slowed down in real life.

According to fans, while his ability has not downgraded but his speed has definitely slowed down and EA must downgrade Ronaldo’s stats in upcoming FIFA.

Furthermore, according to a report, Ronaldo as the cover star could boost sales for the upcoming FIFA game. The report comes from SuperData which suggests that Ronaldo being the cover star for FIFA 18 could boost the sales for the upcoming title.

FIFA 18 will also launch for Nintendo Switch, however, EA has revealed that the Switch version will not include the single player campaign and also will not be developed on Frostbite Engine.


Switch version will be developed on a different game engine from the PS4, Xbox One, and PC version as EA has revealed that Frostbite engine will be exclusive to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 versions.

FIFA 18 is a sports game in development at EA and will launch on September 29, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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