FIFA 23 Trading Tips for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)

We came up with some handy tips for those looking to get into FIFA 23 FUT Trading to maximize profits and ensure you have the best players.

Building a dream team in FIFA 23 requires lots of coins. So if you are thinking that you would be able to get extraordinary players by just playing normal matches, think again! Trading is the only way to make decent profits in FUT. However, trading might not be everyone’s forte that’s why we came up with some handy tips for those looking to get into FIFA 23 FUT Trading.

Importance of Trading in FIFA 23

Trading is an essential part of FUT. Instead of spending your real cash on buying coins in FIFA 23, you tend to trade smartly to make profits. However, you must know that this trading, like any other real-life trading, also comes with a risk of loss.

You might lose some coins in the beginning but after a few failures, you will learn and recover. Moreover, making coins is not all that simple. You need to grind enough and stay vigilant.

FIFA 23 FUT trading tips

There are a few FUT trading tips for FIFA 23 that every trader should know in order to make high profits. They are given below.

How to start well on a low budget

Well, this technique works every single time. If you are a beginner at FIFA Ultimate Team, you must consider this trick. What you need to do is simply buy a player, apply chemistry and then sell him.

For instance, you bought a player for 30k coins, just apply hunter chemistry or any other famous chemistry and then list him for sale. You would most probably get at least 35k coins for the same player after applying the chemistry.

This happens because most of the players want to buy players that already have a chemistry style. They just don’t want to get into trouble for applying chemistries and stuff. So they buy them for higher prices.

Invest in SBC players

Another golden trick is to invest in Squad Building Challenge players. Well, you need to buy a player that you think, would be required for the upcoming SBC. You buy the player for a lower price and then when SBC comes, you sell it for a higher price.

There are two ways to predict which player is going to be used in SBC:

  • You study the previous FIFA season’s SBC
  • You go through the websites like FUTBIN, where community players talk about the SBCs’ and give their opinions.

If you happen to guess a player right and buy him for a lower price, you would be amazed to see the selling price of the same player when SBC comes out. They are insanely high!

Buy bronze packs

The infamous method of earning a decent amount of coins is none other than buying Bronze Packs and then selling what’s inside. Of course, this means you need to know the odds of what you might get inside that pack.

You purchase a bronze pack, say for 750 coins. You just need at least one player or thing worth 750 coins and you are even. Bronze packs look insignificant but believe us, the items you obtain through them, are mind-blowing.

You can repeat this step to make lots of coins.

When to sell and how long to hold

Sniping is the coolest and most famous way to earn coins among FUT traders. What you actually do is acquire a player that is most recently listed for below market price. You then immediately flip the price of that player.

For this to pull off, you need to be active and vigilant. For example, there is a player who is currently having a 15000 coin price.

You go to the Transfer Market and set the sniping filters. You type the player’s full name and Buy Now price. Set the price around 11000 coins.

You will need to slowly increase the Buy Now price until you see some listings at the transfer market for the same player for the same price as yours. Buy that player right away and then list him for the normal market price.

You will have to repeat this process a few times to master it.

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