FIFA 2018 Leak Hints Towards Inclusion of Brazilian Ronaldo In Game

A FIFA 2018 leak that has since been taken down might have just given a big hint as to one player that’s going to be included in the next edition of the FIFA franchise. The Instagram post, where two Russian commentators mentioned the name “Ronaldo”, might have revealed Ronaldo’s presence.

Ronaldo is a legend among soccer fans, and played for a wide variety of teams. He’s seen as one of the greatest FIFA players of all time, and earned huge renown as a striker. During his career he won the FIFA World Player Of The Year award three different times, and has also been inducted into the FIFA 100, the greatest players of the franchise.

The FIFA 2018 leak that apparently revealed Ronaldo’s presence in the game came from a pair of Russian commentators that were recording commentary in a recording booth, in order to provide background noise to the soccer game and its players.

While they spoke Russian for the video, a Redditor that was a fan of the series translated what they were saying, and from there we managed to whittle it down to being the Brazilian Ronaldo, rather than the Portugese Cristiano Ronaldo.

If this particular Ronaldo is indeed being placed in the game, it’s likely that he’s going to be placed in the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, where players can pick from some of the best FIFA players in the franchise’s history to be put on their soccer teams and go head to head with other, similarly-created teams.

There’s no indication of when FIFA 2018 will be coming out even with the FIFA 2018 leak, but it’s likely that the game will be coming out sometime in the later segment of this year. We’ll probably hear a lot more about it at E3 this year, and what we do know is that it will have another season of its “Journey” story mode to play through.