FIFA 20 FUT Trading Guide – Investments, Trading Tips, How to Make Coins

This FIFA 20 Trading guide will give you essential tips to make sure you get the chance to earn a lot of coins and don't miss out on trading opportunities

Trading and selling cards and investing in potentially high-profit cards is the best way to make easy coins in FIFA 20. You can sum up all the profits you earn from each card to a grand total that you can spend on actually buying the players you need.

Our Trading Guide for FIFA 20 FUT will walk you through all the best investment methods and timings to execute them for the greatest profit margin.

FIFA 20 FUT Trading

Below are all the investing techniques that might help you in the early days of the game to make a good amount of coins for later on.

Meta Gold Cards

If you are an old FIFA junkie or have been acquainted with the game previously, you know what these are and what sort of players fall in this category. Still, just for your help Juan Mata, Gomez, Gabriel Jesus, and Jaoa Felix are a few examples.

What you have to do is, to get your hand on Meta Gold Card as soon as possible. In the first few days, these cards are going to range between 10 – 15k coins.

These are one of the safest investments because they are definitely going to rise in price a few days later.

You can sell them just before the weekend league when their demand will rocket and you will be able to sell them for as much as 40 – 50k coins.

SBC Solutions Investments

All lot of hype goes around the Squad Building Challenge as a lot of players participate and try out their management skills. Around the time when the challenge comes out, demand for player diverse easily adjustable players is very high.

Esoteric players of minor leagues are good investments for this method. Players of indifferent nationality that only have only one or two fellow nationals in their league go well in the SBC Solutions.

Zabaleta, Younis, and Gigot are a few examples. To find more players like these, you may want to visit footy websites, they are surely helpful.

You can buy them for as little as 400 coins and they can easily be sold for up to 5k coins near the challenge.

Link Investments

Links are sets of players that have proven chemistry between them from the real-life stats. For instance, a player is assisted by two others and scores a couple of goals, they will have a link set in the game.

For example, Malen has a link with Bruma and Bregwijn and Reus scored a couple of goals in link with Jade and Sancho so they will be going together in a Link.

To complete these Links, players will be going around looking for cards that have this characteristic. Using your insight, you can point out these players and hold onto them until they get a significant rise in price.

Ones to Watch Investing

These include the first-tier star players such as Griezmann, De Ligt, Lukaku and De Jong. These cards are only going to be in packs for the first week or so.

Afterward, when the Ones to Watch is released their prices will skyrocket. You can make a fortune selling these players.

Player of The Month Investing

Players from different clubs and leagues that get a player of the month award go for an especially increased price. Since you already know who the last month’s winners are, you can try to get your hand on them as soon as you can.

Team of The Week Investing

Team of the Week comes late after the initial release of the game. Before that, players from the team of the week can be found, are rare, but still, you can get them. Players such as Benzema, Son, and Mane are the team of the week material.

After the Team of the Week comes, these players disappear off the market and that is when they can be sold for an immense number of coins.

That was all for the Trading Tips in FIFA 20 FUT. Let us know if we missed something, comment below!

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